Eagle's Colors


Eagle is releasing alongside the 3.8 update.


Hopefully Thunder and Eagle get to meet up in Shadows Lords. On a side note it would be interesting if Shadow Lord’s had mini games or bonus stages like mortal Kombat or street fighter and maybe could get rewards like specific loot items for crafting. Excited for eagles release :grin:
Wondering if eagle with have a skin like thunders rugged biker jacket and jeans? :smirk:


Oh you mean like a special craftable for beating your rival? Maya v Mira, thunder v eagle, Jago v shago, hisako v shinsako, Kilgore v fulgore, eyedoll v gargos etc…


Yeah like that but also like how MK has test your might or SF had the barrel stage and the car stage.With a KI flare of course. Or they could how Bowser show up on the map and steal your stars lol


That sounds awesome


I really wish the colors of his weapons (bow, arrows & whip) would change with the skins instead of staying blue.


Im getting a Turok dinosaur hunter flashback!!!