Eagle's Colors

Hey all, ready to take a look at Eagle’s color options? Of course, you are!

Hit the link to check them all out: https://www.ultra-combo.com/eagles-colors/

Here are the retro options: https://www.ultra-combo.com/eagles-retro-colors/

Will upload them here, just in case.



Do note - the “light” effect on Eagle’s chest is the Instinct effect.


Eagle’s color 8 is awesome!


It’s making me download the images when I click them.

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Hmm… something feels off about him but I just can’t put my finger on it.

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Colors are cool, though gotta say this camera angle is not good for him.

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Oh I know. Figured you’d all rather see them regardless instead of waiting for a possible fix.


Ah, fair enough. ^^

I love all of his colors! After a long time, I can just randomize the color choice and be happy with any one!

Colour 9 reminds me of black panther for some reason. Think it’s the necklace


I’d say that he looks better than everyone else almost drastically so.

Also dat white and gold is godlike :ok_hand:

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Looks pretty cool. Would be pretty sweet if he got an alternative stage of Devil’s Landing. Maybe during the nighttime or something unique to play around a bit with the stage without going the extra mile.

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Looking good. More than please with Eagle so far. Can’t wait for the trailer/gameplay! Colour 5 will probably be my go to.

Nope it just hit me. His stance is weird but then again these are stills so he probably looks better in motion.

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His stance looks like he is taking a dump. Sry, being honest.

He’s been in a tube for years! I’m sure he really needs to take a dump by now!


Colors 5, 6, and 8 are dope. We approve :slight_smile:

Seriously though - his more muted colors are definitely his best ones (color 6 FTW :persevere:) . That (I assume) idle stance looks kinda awkward though - very curious to see how it looks in motion.

Hey look at that, my daughter was born today and I get to see Eagle’s palettes. What a day!



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