Eagle's Colors


Congratulations man, this is an unforgettable day to you! You saw Eagle colors!



LMAO! thanks guys


LOVE the orange/ green the white/ blue and the black/ gold!

Is it possible his shoes are accessories and he has a barefoot option?


Congratulation! :slight_smile:



HAHA you guys have made my day. :smiley: on topic colors 2 and 9 are easily my favorite, I can’t wait to see that retro though!




Something doesn’t seem proportionate about him. His legs look too short.


He kinda looks like he’s got a bad stomachache.


LOL the ■■■■ comments have me cracking up, because if that’s how you defecate, we need to talk.

In all honesty, stills are tough. Especially since we move the camera around from the view you’d normally see when fighting on a 2D plane.

Also get how this doesn’t look like a fighter’s stance…until you start to think about his play style, which none of you have seen mwahahaha. Started to put a video in here showing his idle animation, but nah. Soon enough the stance comments will be forgotten, and a new challenger (gripe) will take its place. Tis the circle of life!

Edit: oh and before I forget, here’s another look at his idle:


Is eagle going to the restroom or something? :laughing:


saves screenshot so he can make a chibi



Looking at it I’m guessing that he can pick up the arrows like maya. Or the arrows can do something while stuck on the ground.


Can you show us Eagle’s taunt gif? :slight_smile:


Reminds me a bit of…

Not to mention Green Arrow from Injustice 2 stands kinda like that as well.


shoots $5.64 at screen I’m sold (hopefully that pays for him)


Color 9. Eagle has gone full C.L.U.

Dibs. (if he has a Tron outfit with a helmet and such I will probably freak out).


Also interesting considering Fulgore’s color 9 and Nightmare color are Tron-ish.


It looks like a furtive position, I like it.


#“Does an Eagle crap in the woods?”

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.