Eagle's Colors


a duo character? :slight_smile:


From the highest peak dude, from the highest peak.


PLEASE let him have a Weapon x fresh from the tube in Cinder stage outfit


As awesome as that would be, I don’t see it happening. Plus his retro will probably be like Thunder’s alt, a very detailed authentic representation of his culture.


In the novella, didn’t they just show him in a pair of shorts (possibly boxer-briefs) and nothing else when he was in the tube?



If his 3 accesory slots are quiver, shirt and shoes

One could be a bare chest and different shorts/ pants and sandals/ etc
I’m talking about his modern costume

I’m sure the retro would be like thunders
Idk I guess we will find out


So I’m guessing the color on the bird and arrows player indicators to show what belongs to who in a mirror match. The arrows on the ground looks like a trap of sorts.


I like the way his idle looks actually. Think it was the camera rotation on the color stills that made it look so off.


That’s my observation as well. Still, the weird angle gave me some more meme material. :sunglasses:


Retro colors guys!!! What will his retro costume be?!?!?


He has to be agile with that idle animation. (Observation)


Eagle looks oddly realistic.


I gotta say, I’m really digging a lot of Eagle’s colors. Can’t wait to level him up to play with color 3, 7 and 9 the most.


Colors are ok, but I expected some special treatment for color 9.

Jago, Orchid, Thunder, Riptor, Wulf, Fulgore, Tusk… these and more characters have different color patterns in their color 9, some get new tattos, others different skin color patterns, facial paint…

Eagle’s color 9 is just a recolor, and I expected something akin to Thunder, with Nez Perce themed facial paint. The color is fine, but it could be placed in color 6 or 7 and it would fit anyway.


It’s still technically a retexture - his “Tron lines” are completely different.

Unfortunately, it just so happens that I think the base pattern for the glowing lines look better than the color 9 version. It’s definitely a retexture though.


Is still a retexture, but uses the same patterns as other colors. The lines are the same as the other colors, just with different colors.

My point is that is nothing like Shinsako Kabuki make up, Jago or orchid new tattos, Gargos cracked on green, Tusk totally different tattos, or Thunder totally different make up.

I like those options over Cinder or Aria, for exampl, who got recolors, but nothing more.


Line patterns is different, seems to be tribal in nature. Granted you can’t tell much of a difference on a mere glance.


The lines aren’t the same pattern, colour 9 has more details on the shoulders and less on the chest, the colour break in his trousers is now a highlightas well, and the zigzag pattern on his quiver doesn’t look like it’s on others.


Yeah my bad, the problem of watching this on mobile, I suppose

Anyway, I expected something in his face.

Is better than I thought at first, but well. Is good anyway. Let’s see how it fits with retro and accesories


Regarding the legs.

You can see this in most of the characters especially the P1 leg on left.

There’s this odd ‘bendy’ look at the knee area it’s almost as if there’s an odd knee rig it looks almost like when you bend a straw

Most notable on thunder/ eagle