Eagle's Colors


somebody do me the favor of reposting them here, I cant see it through the link while at work


Retros are looking good! Can’t wait to see Eagle in action.
I do prefer the retro colours where it’s doesn’t look like the paint is glowing however. Still, I’m more than happy with them. Great job IG and MS.


Great work


Retro looks fantastic!

So what do we have to do to receive Retro Colors 7 for all characters?
Or Colors 3-6 for Thunder’s Nez Percé costume?

I want to spend money on this game.


Eagle’s retro is perfect! :slight_smile:


The glowing effect is Instinct


thanks for the upload


The Retro is absolutely perfect :ok_hand:

One question, can we see retro bird?


Edit: oops I didn’t see the OP xD


I hid that from you on purpose…

But sure. We can have some fun.


The old thunder pheonix! Its back!!



From the ashes?


Shut the front door, that looks magnificent


I am the only one that sees Retro Eagle as Turok?



No you aren’t!


Now the real questions.

Will Eagle’s retro cost extra? (I’m assuming yes)
Unless its a package and you pay for both. ($10 or something)
Will Eagle have a proper number of accessories? (Unlike Kilgore & Shin-Sako)
Will Eagle have “premium” accessories like the rest of the cast?


Eagle is like most other characters you purchase. Full characters, that is. Not counting the remixes, Shadow Jago, or Omen (who is a special snowflake).


A little late to this thread.

My reaction to the original colors is that I love the way they look. Color 8 is definitely my favorite though. That just looks slick AF. His color 1 is very cool too. Love the tron details, and his bird looks amazing. Like a mechanical guardian, almost.

As for his retros, oh man, those look AMAZING! Color 2 is probably my favorite so far. Love the glowing effect on the paint for his instinct, and the detail on the pants is fantastic.

Just saw his bird friend as part of his retro… PHOEEEEEEEENIX!!! That looks cool as hell! Thanks for showing us, Rukari! Much appreciated.

Can’t wait to see what this character can do. Extremely hyped for him. Curious what the arrows in the ground will be. Guessing a retrievable resource? I believe he was more of a grappler in his past, so I wonder if that’ll be the case here. Some tells me no, which is fine. I dunno, something tells me he’s going to be fun and unique no matter what. :slight_smile:


Ok, that Eagle shot with the retro bird has my attention. If you’re gonna tease a character, we need more stuff like that!