Dead or Alive 6!


I was gonna wait to buy until later anyway sense I wasn’t that interested. If I ever do, I’m just buying the characters a la carte.

According to the PSN store, it’s…
Season Pass 1 Bonus Content

  • NiCO Technomancer Gear
  • Nyotengu Wrestling Costume


  • Happy Wedding Costumes Vol.1
  • Happy Wedding Costumes Vol.2
  • Costume Pack Vol.1
  • Costume Pack Vol.2
  • Additional Character Mai Shiranui
  • Mai Shiranui Debut Costumes
  • Additional New Character
  • Additional New Character Debut Costumes


uhhhh…what lol 93 bucks for season pass?? soooo does that come with a window unit AC to cool my house this summer? lol


So it’s $93 worth of costumes and TWO characters. Like. WHAT THE ■■■■! That is the worst deal ever!


I believe everything can be purchased ala carte, but DANG, Team Ninja really needs to chill on the character outfits. To get DOA 5 Last Round and all of it’s DLC was over a thousand dollars and it seems as though they’re headed in that direction again.

I mean I get it, you don’t have to buy everything, but it still feels as though they’re treating their hardcore base / completionists like whales and just taking them for everything they have, which is kinda gross. I love having options in games and I always want more, but at some point, as the dollar total rises, it starts to feel less like some cool, additional optional purchases and somewhat more predatory in some ways.


I see what you’re saying. But frankly if you want to spend $1000 to get ever more pervy outfits for your videogame characters I kind of think that’s on you.

It’s tough to blame them for selling it if people actually buy it.


Yeah, that’s definitely true.


So Mai Shiranui is coming back along with a second SNK character. Are there any other big breasted SNK characters, or are we getting, like, Terry Bogard.

Plus, has anything been said about Virtua Fighter characters coming back? #DeadOrAlivexVirtuaFighter #MaybexTekkenTooIfTheMoodStrikesMe.


I am waiting for VF characters myself.

The gameplay looks and feels solid from what I remember from the DoA6 demo but I haven’t made up my mind yet on a purchase. I will continue SCVI for a while…

Please don’t start a riot :joy_cat:
(I would say Leona but I don’t want to be complicit in this discussion lol :joy: )


Just joking around. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not surprised to hear they are doing more overpriced costume packs, but Mai returning for DoA6?! Has there ever been a case where a guest character appeared in 2 games in the series?! Not since Soul Calibur or Tekken 7 have I seen such insanity involving guests.

Also if the other guest is an SNK character, I’m kind of hoping for Blue Mary or Shermie (good luck with that last one though).


Maybe it’s Terry Bogard from SNK heroines.


Yaaaaaaas. Please!!! I LOVE Terri Bogard! Bend that gender SNK!

I know it’s like, the opposite of equal representation, but I would LOVE an all-female fighting game. Like SNK Heroines, except. You know. Good.


I wonder if they might put a male character instead? I would love to see Rugal get more attention for example. Maybe that Canadian cyborg guy or Kukri could work as well.

Off-topic, but I am so glad you realized SNK Heroines wasn’t worth it. I honestly hoped it would have been a fun little brawler, but clearly they put too many dumb ideas and ruined it. Also more proof that being on the Switch doesn’t equal a good game.


I mean, I haven’t bought it and probably never will. But it’s still on my Christmas list and I’ll try to enjoy it if I ever get it.


I prefer something closer to the existing lore, so maybe Helena’s cousin Cora from Eastern Europe… ya know Cora, last name Valyuz.


We probably don’t need a million costumes, but everyone has to have bought at least one costume along the way. I know I have.

Well if we’re going by KOF XIV, there’s…

  • Alice
  • Angel
  • Blue Mary
  • Elizabeth???
  • King
  • Leona
  • Love Heart
  • Luong
  • Mature
  • Miss X???
  • Shermie???
  • Vanessa
  • Vice
  • Zarina

For not big ■■■■■ girls, there’s…

  • Athena
  • Kula
  • Mian
  • Mui Mui
  • Nakoruru
  • Najd
  • Sylvie
  • Whip
  • Yuri
  • Some other characters in the endings lol

Yes. Hayabusa has been in DOA since his first inclusion lol

Also, Smash guests.


Hayabusa doesn’t count IMO, he’s owned by them and they basically pulled a Quake 3 with the Ninja Gaiden characters in DoA (for those who don’t remember, Quake 3 was basically a Quake/Doom crossover). Also Smash I don’t want to count since they made it clear that everyone was coming back for Ultimate, which I feel is cheating in that regard.

This isn’t the case for DoA6, since there was no guarantee Mai was ever going to come back as a guest.


Well, Sonic was there for 3 games in a row. That includes Smash 4


Ok, that I’ll count. Seems weird to see a game other than Smash do it though, let alone DoA. Also what if the second SNK character is actually from SamSho instead? They had Naotora Ii from Samurai Warriors in DoA5, I could see them putting that one girl with the knifes and having her play like Kunimitsu in Tekken or something.


This. That’s a ridiculous cost for a season pass, but if some guy wants to ball out and have two sets of happy wedding costumes (!?) then more power to him I guess. How I feel about DOA costumes notwithstanding, I’ll rarely get upset about MTX for vanity items. If you want it, buy it. If you don’t, then don’t. If enough people don’t want it or don’t think the price point is fair, then the price will come down. Or the whales will just continue to buy everything and keep the business model afloat I guess. Either way I just can’t care too much -shrug-