Dead or Alive 6!


Doubt it. Pretty sure they want to stick with a KOF XIV character.


*Looks at Max playing DoA6 on stream. Starts drooling :drooling_face: :crazy_face:


I figured as much, but considering how they put SamSho at EVO this year I thought they might try to push by having guests in other games like they did with KoF characters.

Well whatever, back to guessing which character will get in I guess. Someone earlier said Leona, I could see that actually being the case.


Yeah, Leona is who I would have picked too. After making that list though, I realized that they actually have more options than I thought. I forgot about Angel and I think she’d be a really good choice.




Sylvie Paula Paula

One of the last members of NEST. Kind of an oddball character with electricity powers. She’s clearly designed after Japanese Idol, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, which they don’t try to hide at all.


So for some reason I actually bought this. I am so bad at doing holds. Ugh… lol


How is the game? I want to pick it up this weekend.


If you care about unlocking costumes then the game sucks. lol This game has the most complicated system to unlock outfits I’ve seen. (just google it if you want more info on that) Otherwise, if you’ve liked playing any of the other DOA’s you’ll like this one. The season pass price is insane. I didn’t get it and won’t until it’s like 90% off. lol I’m horrible with saying what I want to say so you may want to watch a few vids on the net or find someone who can communicate better than me. :slight_smile:


No worries, I totally understood what you’re saying. Great minds think alike :slight_smile:

Yeah, I won’t do the grind for costumes but I just like the fighting system. Eventually I will buy or unlock more costumes but for now I just want to prepare for Evo 2019… oh wait :joy:


Core Values


I do feel for the DOA community though.



My problem is that I am not sure on my character. Maybe Christie? With VF characters it was easy for me to buy DOA. Now I am not sure yet.

But I don’t like old dlc costumes being sold as new costumes designs.


The struggle of maining guest characters lol


I’m probably going to regret bringing this up, but wasn’t that whole incident between Evo and DoA more about the frisky real-life models they had on their stream than anything? Would that really have affected the game at Evo 2019?


I don’t think it may have affected the chance it had at EVO, but I’m sure that may have slightly damaged the image due to that being tied to the game. If EVO would have given DOA the chance, we would have probably had a lot more people calling Mr. Wizard all sorts of things and stuff, more “core values” debates and lots of unnecessary stuff. The internet is a dangerous beast.


It was more of a combination of it all. I doubt it affected it’s chances of being a main title that hard. DOA always gets the short end of the stick, really.


Okay now let me see what this game is about

(…starts up PS4 for first time in two months )


So how is this game compared to DoA5? I’m asking because I always like to keep my options open about fighting games (in case I burn out with the ones I currently play) but I never really got into DoA5’s gameplay, as it always felt like some kind of odd fusion of Tekken and VF. Did this one make any big fundamental changes, and would it worth trying DoA5 again for the sake of understanding this series’s systems as a whole?


The system is still VF at its core but has reversals and combo breaker elements that have improved with the releases of DoA5 and DoA6. And in addition, you can now ground your opponent mid combo after a launcher or juggle.

Now in DoA6 opponents that are mid air can be grounded by specific combos or special moves (similar to KI recapture). Also, TN made the (counter) fatal blows and close hits much more meaningful in the combo system. Certain hits, cancels, and specials feel much more solid and well intergrated, and basically more rewarding now than in DoA5. There could be more things that I haven’t noticed but the biggest change is in my opinion, TN finally bringing together previous and new mechanics into a more balanced set of mechanics with more gameplay options…

I have only played 10 hours so far and the new characters (Diego, Nico), who I had no interest in beforehand, play superbly well. Never expected this but behind the bland designs of a NiCo is an actual solid fighting style.

Need more time but I like how the game plays so far… I tend to say it’s much better than Doa5 at this point and more of a huge refinement rather than a total revamp…


I played some of the DoA6 demo and it’s pretty similar to DoA5. The additional mechanics are interesting but I don’t think they change the core game.

But just to defend the core game mechanics - it’s certainly true that DOA borrows VF’s button layout and has some similarity to Tekken, I don’t think it’s fair to say it’s a mashup of the two. The heart of DoA’s gameplay is that you need to learn and vary your combo strings and starters to avoid being countered by your opponent. The fact that the counters do substantial damage highly incentivizes varied gameplay and in this way it’s actually more similar to KI 2013’s combo gameplay. It’s also similar in the sense that it allows players “early access” to the higher level mind games through that counter system.

I have been playing fighting games since forever, and while not a tournament player I feel like I always did okay. There were times at my arcade where I was beating all challengers at SF 2 and I performed a lot of MK 1-3 fatalities (although not as often as I would have liked). So it’s not like I didn’t “get” fighting games.

But DoA2 Online for Xbox holds a special place in my heart because it really taught me a lot about the mentality of fighting games. Partly this was because of the wonky online lobbies where you were forced to watch people fight as if it was a lineup at the arcade. But this actually allowed you to get experience watching your opponents tendencies and develop a plan for countering them. This is a game where you can defeat your opponent even if that opponent has better execution and knows more optimal combos than you. I mained Hayabusa (with a side of Hitomi and Helena) and there are still moves I can’t consostently execute. But the core gameplay allows you to compete (at least to medium skill - I think I made it up to A- rank at some point although I typically hovered around B) with “fundamentals” , studying your opponent, varying your attacks rather than just being able to hit that tight frame link and optimize that combo.

The game has plenty of ■■■■■■■■ for sure. People learned to avoid the counter mechanic by developing juggle combos (which feels a lot like playing one of the KI characters who juggle you), and there are lots of inexplicably powerful hits and some hard to avoid mixups etc. But at its core I think DOA is a much more engaging and cerebral fighting game for moderately skilled players than either Tekken or VF.

A lot of “competitive” players dislike this gameplay style because they favor a game where the core gameplay loop is heavily neutral focused and you win by executing optimal damage combos whenever your opponent “messes up” (which often means “guesses wrong”) and lets you tag them (what I disparagingly and probably unfairly refer to as the “low poke of death” style fighter). This style has a lot to offer and certainly rewards hard work and experience. Many of those games are great games. But they tend to favor conservative play backed up by the same optimal stuff (disregarding Tekken Online where it’s mostly people spamming hard to react bizarre moves all day). Super heavy emphasis on spacing and not making mistakes. But I like a game that allow players to have solid strategy and play their opponent without necessarily having a billion hours of experience - and especially a game that directly rewards variety of play. For my money, KI 2013 and DOA are the two games that most heavily reward you for varying your moves even after you open up your opponent.

This is part of why I seem so bent about the games T&A. It’s not that I’m such a Puritan or on a campaign to end skimpy outfits. It’s just that I think DOA as a fighting game has so much to offer the FGC and it’s never going to be taken seriously if it’s a Japanese sex doll dressing simulator.