Dead or Alive 6!

Are you freaking kidding me?
After all that about them letting go of DOA5, it sounded like they would put the franchise on the shelf. And then all of a sudden THIS pops up!

Nice one, Team Ninja. You played your fanbase. Koei Tecmo has taken over the franchise.

Hayate and Kasumi look freaking awesome, btw.


WOW that looks really good!


This looks SO GOOD!! Beautiful graphics, and the sweat, damage, etc look great. Here’s an IGN preview:

IGN Preview


To be fair while they said support for DOA5 is over, they said the team is still active so a sequel was still possible.

Still hype either way. I hope for Momiji to come back (I already know Ayane’s a hard lock or at least a strong choice)

And Jann Lee my favourite Bruce Lee character ever STILL sounds like a strangled chicken :frowning: The bruises and stuff are cool definitely but I hate that bloody stupid noise aaarrrgggg, like he’s gargling or something.

Also no customization no deal, but apart from all that looks quite good

Well, he has to. It’s Bruce Lee, after all.

Bruce Lee never sounded like a strangled chicken…

A bird maybe or variations of a cat sound but


Or a gargling crazy person

Well played, Team Ninja. Color me interested.

Okay now, I’ll admit DOA6 DOES look really impressive and amazing already, that I can surely say :slight_smile: :wink:

Side-note: Even though I’ve stopped playing as well as given up on the ENTIRE Dead Or Alive series for me here :stuck_out_tongue:

Now didn’t you say that you basically AND practically stopped playing as well as given up on the overall DOA series for you there? :confused:

Well this is unexpected, there is one important detail I want to know though. Will this have guest char-

No seriously though, will this have a proper PC port this time around? Because DoA5 had one of the worst PC ports in recent history (even MKX got fixed eventually, while DoA got left to rot), and there is no excuse to have a garbage port again. I would hope they aren’t too proud to not have a proper porting studio do the PC version, if they can’t be bothered to do one themselves (Nioh was sadly an exception, not the rule in their history of PC ports).

Other than that I’m interested, KI took what time I would have had for DoA but I still respected their gameplay mechanics from what little I played.

Honestly, they should just mix DoA and Virtua Fighter together and make the characters canon. The VF characters have never been more fun to play as they were in DoA5.

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I’m not at all interested in this game…
unless they make at least 3000 more outfits for characters than the last game had. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’d be better off if they just made a separate crossover game instead, besides that Sega owns VF so if you were suggesting a Street Fighter/Final Fight kind of canon merging that can’t really happen.

Also, is it true that they are making this game more toned-down in terms of character design (more realistic artstyle, reduced physics, etc.)? Seems strange they would go back to that considering their attempt to do that with DoA5 caused such a backlash with the fanbase back in the day. Mind you I never cared for it, in fact I prefer the more realistic style, but it seems odd that now that would stick to their guns when they caved to peer pressure so many years ago.

I would take everything that is said about the change of direction in the game’s image with a grain of salt…
Like you said… they tried it before… ■■■■ happened so they “readjusted”…

It may or may not happen again.

I play a crap ton of Jacky Bryant (only in DoA) and he’s definitely someone I want to see come back… if Sega isn’t willing to do right by their fans then some more guest characters would be nice.

Anyway enough about that…

Did you guys here about the new mechanics… Break Gauge and Fatal Rush…

IGN wasn’t crystal clear on the Details but it seems like “Fatal Rush” is some sort of Auto Combo mechanic and The Break Gauge is a Super Meter used for Combo Breakers (Break Holds) & Power Blows (Break Blows)…

What do you guys think… ?

I am super excited because I love the gameplay of DoA, it was the first fighting game franchise with truly functional online play (DoA2 Online edition on OG Xbox) and I skipped 5 because of too much cheesecake. I really hope they are serious about keeping the tone outside the realm of “watch these ■■■■ actresses fight!”

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So this happened.

Not one of the better interviews I’ve seen about a video game in a while. I can’t tell if it’s relatively mediocre translating or what the deal was, but the answers to the questions were exceedingly odd most of the time. Either way, they show some gameplay here and talk about the game, so I figured I’d post it. Maybe you can glean more from the Q&A than I was able to lol.

Yeah, that’s kinda where I’m at. I’d prefer Virtua Fighter 6 to a complete VF & DOA crossover game, but I’d absolutely prefer that type of game to getting no VF characters at all.


Game looks like DoA as far as gameplay.

The translation is really hurting the interview. I don’t know that he’s gettimg the questions or that the amswers necessarily reflect very much. There will be an easy one button mash combo (like Rash in KI or like MvCi). That’s new.

True. I’d say it looks exactly like DOA. It would’ve been nice if they could’ve given a straight answer on whether we’d see more stages like DOA5, but I don’t think the translator know how to ask the question or phrase the answer or something. Either way, I hope they’ll show some more at E3, but I’m guessing that this is all we’ll really get for now.