Dead or Alive 6!

DOA was one of the first fighting games that I really fell in love with, the gameplay, sounds and animations all made it such a great experience. I remember the anticipation of getting the second game and being blown away by how gorgeous the 3rd game was.

DOA4 was the last DOA game I really liked, when 5 came along I just felt the emphasis was more on enticing teenage boys with soft core erotica. Don’t get me wrong DOA was always known for it’s sexually suggestive themes, costumes, “bouncing” etc, however I felt 5 just took it to a new level and the gameplay suffered as a consequence.

Also the fact that my favourite character now sounded like a strangled chicken didn’t help matters. Then the dlc costumes (how much did that come to again) and the fact they flat out said no customization as it would “effect the characters personality” (but having them in ridiculous costumes dosen’t?) it all just made me really dislike the direction they were going in.

However as a whole I really love the franchise


So first they announced it was dead…

Then they announced it was alive…



Fans: “So is the franchise dead or alive?”

Devs: “Yes.”


Whauw, Jann Lee looks old! But Kasumi looks younger… what is going on here?!

Interesting how you seem to select a colour instead of a costume, maybe all costumes will have colour variants (which was something I begged them to do in 5)

Jann does look a little older but at least his body shape is more defined and “cut” (he looked a tad flabby in 5)

Hoping it does something different as it’s hard for fighting games to stand out now

Zac looks awesome

The more I watch the more I kinda like it?

Just. Can’t. Get. Over. Jann Lee. Noises.

Facial damage is cool, not new or unique to fighting games (cough cough Art of Fighting) but still rather cool

add “male” before characters and I am good :grin:

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I really hope thats the case this time… even if they just straight copy pasted all the women’s Bathing Suits on to the dudes… that would be progress compared to what 5LR did.

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exactly, was pretty ridiculous how skewed the ratio of outfits was for costumes given to the male and female characters.

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One or two rumours going around that tag mode won’t return? I honestly hope that’s not the case as I think it stems from the fact they’ve not shown any footage of it yet.

Doesn’t mean it won’t be in of course

I don’t know if it will never return but they definitely said it wasn’t their immediate focus…

Simply put… it won’t launch with Tag…

The good news Side Steps are Back…

That just leaves this Meter thing…

Rig along with new character Diego have been announced:

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Rig just wants to grab that butt!

Mmmmm Diego is fine

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Why does Rig still have that ugly outfit?

Dude loves a hoodie I guess.

I quite like it, though I wish they had replaced the pants as the represent him working on the oil platform, which is no longer the case. I mean, the jig is up, we know he’s with the bad guys now.

Got Nuts.

Leifang and Hitomi character renders and screenshots:

The stages in this game all look so beautiful.

I must admit Leifang’s outfit is a pretty cool iteration of Bruce Lee’s yellow biker suit, but also looks very Chun Li inspired, but with a more unique twist.

Hitomi just looks meh, as usual.