Dead or Alive 6!

Honestly it looks good, looks much closer to Tekken art-wise but that’s not inherently a bad thing IMO. Also that treasure room looks similar to Tekken 5’s Treasure Cave stage (where you fight on the piles of gold coins).

Yeah I am surprised they gave Lei Fang a new outfit but kept Hitomi with her old outfit. Whatever, we all know how this will end…

Not to bring everything back to this but Lei Feng looks fantastic in that outfit. It’s attractive, she looks great but she’s not just sitting there naked. That’s all I’m asking for. Women in games can look great and still be wearing clothes that aren’t cringey.


I agree with Andy here. It’s cool because costumes and the way people look is a big selling point for me. I’ve played a lot of the other DOA games, but man…

I’d be kinda lying if I didn’t say her new design makes her look really cool and want me to attempt to play her.

(I might have accidentally replied to you Andy. Whoops!)

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So uh… the FSD Forum is currently under going some maintenance & upgrades this weekend… I miss all my fellow Boob Simulating Afficionados.


Hitomi’s looking good in dem Pijamas (i don’t know what their actually called.)


Leave to to Japan to break out the Women and Tentacles !!! :wink:

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lol, it’s called a karate gi. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Uhh - I - I knew that… I was just testing you. :sweat_smile: . Well done… you passed. :+1:

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Lei Fang’s outfit looks lovely, yes to more women in pants in fighting games! Quick question though, is this a prequel cause I feel she looks a lot younger than she used to?

I know she’s young and I that main Xiao in Tekken, so have nothing against younger fighters, but feel like Lei looks even younger than her original incarnation here.

I wish more fighting game devs would let women age, I was very happy that Orchid was in her mid 30s for example, because of how darn rare that is, they’re usually either in their teens or early twenties with very little variation.

Nah, it’s a sequel, but they’re using a new engine which might have something to do with it.

And FSD is back online !!! Well… the essentials are back online…


I hope they go back to the individual character story modes with the cool CG endings. I liked that a lot more than what DOA5 tried to do.

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I’ve noticed they’ve not confirmed the return of tag mode yet, I wonder if those rumours were true and it’s been removed?

I wouldn’t say it has been “removed” because that implies it was there and they took it out. But I would guess that tag mode will not be a feature of DoA6 at launch. Although there is still lots of time before March 2019.

Edit: also, has there been any mention of the replay mode? DoA’s replay mode has always been light years above anyone else’s (although sadly mostly used for making upskirt movies).

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I agree 100% with both of these takes. I really like what they did with Lei Fang, but Hitomi looks pretty dull.

Yep, I think they really struck a solid balance with her. I don’t think the more fetishist fans will appreciate her look, but I think it’s got a lot of great details and looks cool on her. Kinda wish they’d put some more detail in Hitomi’s outfit, but oh well.

Yeah, I have to admit, as someone in my 30’s, it’s nice to see more women in games that look to be around my age, and men for that matter, though obviously the latter is FAR more common.

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Went to the Red bull SCVI event yesterday in Tokyo. Today there is a DoA6 event at Red Bull’s premises. Beta version available for play :slight_smile: starting shortly…

And yes, I work during the day :wink:


Well, I think they dropped the ball on this new character, NiCO. Using costumes and accessories etc. on existing characters would probably allow you to recreate her… that’s how generic she is. Too bad. Gameplay wise also not the most interesting… very similar strings compared to those on the existing / previous roster.

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If Nico isn’t related to Rose or Rose herself I’d be shocked.

So Do you guys think that robot Nico’s Working on, going to be in the roster?

I’d probably chalk it up to the iron law of ages in fighting games - men become more powerful with age and continue fighting until roughly 120 or so, while women necessarily age backwards. Them’s the rules. /s

I think it probably will, either in the base roster or as DLC. I’d like to see it unpacked - the little snippet we see has the beginnings of potential for a cool design.

And yeah @BoJima404 - I thought Nico’s design was pretty boring, both aesthetically and gameplay wise. The first character they showed (Kokoro?) looked pretty cool though.


Funny thing is I dislike Tekken’s gameplay but I tend to want to play almost every character because of their generally cool designs. DoA attracts me more as the gameplay is fluid but most characters are poor rip-offs from other 3D fighting games…just my opinion. This game would actually do well with guest characters…

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To be fair… All most all fighting game characters are ripped off from somewhere… be it movies, comics or other games…

Ofcourse thats not going to make you feel better about DoA’s Discount Bruce Lee… Honestly I feel like VF was some brave to make their Token Bruce Lee knock off an All American Race Car Driver… now that was refreshing… YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH !!! :smiley:

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