Connecting The Orginal Game With The Current Game

I thought I would make a thread about this so I wouldn’t keep going off topic in the Eagles Voice thread.

So even though the Current Game won’t bring back time travel what if we used the time travel from the Original game to connect all the games.

So 1st we have the Original Killer Instinct Then we have Killer Instinct 2/Gold, Now in KI2 there was time travel so characters went back in time. Now this is where the connection happens because of the characters being back in time events would have changed and because events changed this would course a ripple effect/Butterfly effect all through time changing events creating a completely new Univers/Timeline and this is the Timeline where the current game takes place so many years later.

By doing this the Current Game and the Original can be completely separate from each other but can still be connected at the same time.

Obviously it’s non-canon and something I just made up but it’s a nice way to connect the games


But don’t Kim Wu, Maya, and Tusk exist in the past?

First off, I might like to mention there is a lot to unpack from the original conversation and how this discussion came to be, starting with confusion on who was older between Eagle & Thunder and expanding into discussing multiverse theory with Adam Isgreen. And before anyone starts on this thread I’d recommend reading up on the Eagle’s voice thread (it’s not that long) here:

Personally, I think it’d be better to keep the classic in one universe, and the modern in another as opposed to parallel timelines where one screwed up the other. There’s just too much weird baggage that would be carried over if they said KI2 caused this KI to exist…most importantly there would be no Gargos, but also in one timeline Eyedol is a 2-headed cycloptic satyr, and the other he would be a human turned zombie ogre… essentially in an already elaborate storyline you would be convoluting it to where it’d be too hard to say what causes what.

I mean it’s one thing where a franchise like Star Trek or Mortal Kombat have rebooted because they start out the reboot with the timeline diversion, and went from there to have their own stories. But KI didn’t do that. They started out with a fresh take with nods to the original material and no intentions to strictly adhere to it, and then if they somehow decided to retcon the original timeline into being the reason why there is a new timeline?

IMHO it’s better to have the classic story (KI 1& 2) in its own universe and the modern in its own. It doesn’t mean the classic story didn’t happen and is nul & void, it still exists, but that for the time being the devs are focusing on the new KI’s universe.

A good example of this would be Transformers. Multiverse has been Hasbro’s stance on the Transformers’ mythos for some time now, and with that the movie universe is a thing, as bad as it is, but it doesn’t negate the existence of the original Generation 1 series stories/characters, or the Cybertron trillogy (Armada, Energon, Cybertron), or the Animates series, or Transformers Prime/Robots in Disguise, or the ongoing comics stories. They’re all their own thing and don’t negate the existence of the others.

But like I said in the other thread, if you (the OP) want to believe that things would be better if KI2 somehow resulted in the reboot, knock yourself out.

I like having the reboot overwriting the convoluted original story. I just would prefer if it was set in a dystopian future, like the original game, instead of taking place in the Present.

Many years ago (not long after KI2 was released) I thought up a film-adaptation of KI where the story took place in a post-apocalyptic future where megacorporations waged war for the remains of the world’s resources (a la “Rollerball”) and champions from those corporations battled in the KI tournament, including Kim Wu (from a Korean rival of Ultratech), Maya (from Brazil) and Tusk (a gladiatorial champion from a ravaged England that reverted to a feudal-like state).

Well technically, when double helix started developing they were working on it as a sequel. If you look at many of the characters backstory is from season one you can tell that they were written to be what the characters were doing after killer instinct one or killer instinct two depending on where they came from. There’s even some hints left of that in TJ combos backstory. That was always something I kind of dislike about this killer and sink because it started out as a pretty strict sequel and then when it changed developers it was kind of sloppily turn into a reboot. And a lot of the story points about it being really didn’t make sense until season three came out with shadow lords to explain things

This is a direct quote from Adam Isgreen:

Did Adam Isgreen work on the game back at Double Helix?

He’s been the head of KI (creative director) at Microsoft since day 1. Keep in mind, DH and IG mostly just design the game, MS handles lore and what direction the game takes.

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I believe that during Season 1 the team didn’t really have a long-term plan and just concentrated on the characters and their personal backgrounds without envisioning a “greater picture”. You can also sense that from the S1 Story Mode, which featured individual epilogues without a proper “unifying” main story and ended up being mostly rewritten by the time they started to release those character bios in the website.
I believe they started to properly conceive the KI mythology during Season 2, along with these bios, once the game was past that line where they didn’t know if MS would greenlight further seasons (as it depended on the success of the first) and could then focus more into it.

I remember there being some confusion regarding it as a reboot or sequel during Season 1. Some claimed it was one, others the opposite. The Ultra Fan Book (which was not written by any dev but featured some interviews with them) was even more confusing, as it included fan fiction bits.

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they do yes but that can be chocked up to ancestors

Just gonna throw up another related quote from Adam that he made recently in another thread:

Which implies that, from those “voted” endings they started to build a proper story, which happened, as I said, during S2.

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With those old DH interviews, seems like they were just going for “KI2 if time travel didn’t happen”

time travel is weird like that the smallest change in time could change anything its called the Butterfly effect a simple change of how butterfly flapped its wings at a certain point in time could cause a Hurricane if you were to go back in time and step on a lizard it could cause the human race to evolve from squids instead of apes so changing stuff in the past can easily change what Eyedol is and if Gargos would return