Eagle voice

OOh. I like the caps. Adds gravitas.

If you really want a label for it, Original Canon or Classic Canon would be more appropriate terms to consider. We’ll never (never) be revisiting the original storyline / time travel stuff again, so don’t expect it showing up anywhere but in the past.

There’s a reason the new KI is called Killer Instinct and not KI3. :wink:


hmmm younger or older, I don’t think it’s a big concern rly ^^;

As for the the age gap between kim and Jago it’s not too shabby. xD; pretty sure this topic was covered on the previous posts too.

Now now, i’m pretty certain we can’t find out if Aang and Katara are a thing on the first episode/comic of avatar :V !!

Jks asside, best be patient to find out… I’m curious too :joy:

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You know you could always appease everyone by claiming multiverse theory. That way people that don’t like the new canon will feel like what they believe to be “true” about the old games still exists somewhere in the far-flung recesses of the KI lore.

Then this would be venturing into Injustice 2 territory. Which would be legitimately weird as hell

That’s completely acceptable, although multiverse usually has some defining event / moment the caused the various fragments. I don’t really know what that could be for where things deviated between arcade canon and current canon. We pay a lot of homage to the original events from the arcade canon (some closer than others), but we don’t follow it directly even from the start. The only real constant is the characters.

We’re not trying to deny or diminish the original lore (it’s certainly fun, wild, and quirky!) as we certainly know people loved it (same with the original comics), but only make it clear that we’re not following it as we go forwards with what we’re considering the official lore / canon of Killer Instinct.


DC’s not the only franchise out there that uses multiverse/parallel dimensions in their storytelling. I can think of several off the top of my head: Dragonball, Transformers, Star Trek…
But for the most part it’s a way to let fans think what they want without a new entry into an established franchise ruining what they like about the other entries. Someone prefers Tusk and Maya hooking up in the far-flung past…it’s still out there.
Do you prefer Eyedol as a 2 headed cycloptic satyr, or Shrek after a bad day? Well now they both exist.

I said Injustice cos that was the first thing that came to mind lol. I get what you saying tho.

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The beginning of time? Big bang perhaps? :wink:

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What about the fact that in the Orginal games (KI2) they went back in time and changed events which could have made a completely different timeline which is now the current KI. That is what makes sense to me and it connects the Orginal game with the current one without the current one having to use time travel at all because of all the events happened differently in this timeline sort of like how Time Travel works in Dragon Ball Z with Trunks warning the main timeline about the androids, Trunks Timeline stayed the same but the main one changed completely so that would mean the Orginal Killer Instinct is our Future Trunks timeline to our Reboot Killer instinct which is the main timeline if you get what I mean.

Edit: Oh sort of Like Mortal Kombat when they rebooted in 9 Kind of


Or it’s a completely new and separate universe.

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that’s what a new timeline is sometimes

Honestly this is just me, but I feel like keeping the 2 timelines separate would be the better option, mostly because for those that like the original lore but not the modern lore would likely not want to see KI2 lead into the modern lore.
Personally I don’t see how a time-altering event would cause a 2-headed cycloptic satyr to become a human turned ogre turned dead ogre turned magical zombie split-head ogre. Or how Gargos would be invading if he died long ago in the past. :confused:
But whatever. If you want to see it as KI2—>KI3, knock yourself out.


It’s clearly a reboot but arguably simply sharing the same cast and virtually similar motivations puts it under the multiverse umbrella.

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Back on topic, eagle’s voice doesn’t seem too annoying

Rash is the more annoying voice

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Yeah I remember that thread… everyone called my boy old… :sob:

I just want my airbended to find his love. Okay this is becoming quite cheesy, but I’m totally serious here. :sweat_smile:

Eagle’s voice imo is perfectly fine for his character

Well, I like it. It connects the games but still leaves this current game to have its own completely original story. As for how it can make Eyedol Human well I still think that was a dumb backstory for him but since it is so all I can say is Time Travel can have a ripple effect and change a bunch of things take Flash Point for example the Flash went back in time saved his mother from dying yet somehow that created a whole new Univers where Bruce Wayne was killed so his father became Batman and his mother became the Joker also Aquaman and WonderWoman ended up having an affair and then went to war with each other that resulted in destroying the world so if all that can happen from simply saving 1 person I wouldn’t put it out of the question that the TimeTravle from KI2 could alter the Future enough to make Eyedol human.

Maybe I should make a Thread about this so we can get back on topic about Eagles Voice here.

Do whatever man. I like opinions on this type’a stuff.

Aside form seeing Kim Wu all over the cover I can’t wait to see where you gys go with it, I am assuming it could elad up to the next game? that’s be frigen’ sweet. Or even a season4.

Also one last word before I go back on topic, next KI I saw something about “Wyvern-X” I hope you guys do something with that. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for me guys I have to say: I don’t think being older or younger has anything to do with the higher voice. Honestly it has more to do with where he spent the last few years of his life before being set free. Eagle spent those years in a fricken test tube right? now I’m sure Aria did give him life support to keep him alive but I’m sure it was only enough to keep him alive.

Plus there could be a number of reasons why he sounds like the way he does. Personally I don’t mind this, not one bit.