Eagle voice

I saw some gameplay and I can’t stand the voice they gave him. It’s like a high pitch annoying voice not a deep stronger wise sounding voice

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Okay, now here’s my opinion. He sounds a little bit like Rafiki from The Lion King.

Or…like a Raggae/Dancehall artist.

Not as threatening as Shadow Jago’s voice so…I guess it fits.

I will admit his voice stuck out to me, but I am getting used to it. They could have done worse…

I don’t really see what wrong with it, isn’t Eagle technically Thunders little brother? I’d say he fits that role with his “little bro voice.”

I thought eagle was the older brother?

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He is the older brother. And as brothers go it is possible for the older one to be shorter and have a higher pitched voice, just like me & my younger bro.

Huh, according to the Fandom Killer Instinct website,

Eagle (real name Tipyeléhne, also known in the comics as Black Eagle) is a character first mentioned in Killer Instinct (1994) who made his playable debut in the post-Season Three content of Killer Instinct (2013). He is the younger brother of Thunder/Hinmatoom (or his older brother in the comics) and, just like him, is a traditional Native American warrior originating from the Nez Percé tribe in Idaho. Eagle was kidnapped by Ultratech and used as the basis for their cyborg soldier Fulgore (the Fulgore Mk. III in the rebooted universe), until he was rescued from his confinement by the alien Glacius.

I’m assuming that they changed his character a bit so that he is now younger, similar to how Jago is now incredibly older and Kim is just a young adult (their romance will never be :sob:)

@rukizzel can you confirm if Eagle is younger or older?

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Yeah I know that just because thunder ate nothing but protein shakes and bench pressed aganos a couple hundred times on his search for eagle doesn’t mean he’s the oldest, I’m sure if eagle wasn’t strapped up to cables in a test tube he’d be bulked up like his bro.

From Thunder’s backstory, literally the first sentence:

Thunder grew up on a Nez Perce reservation in Idaho with his younger brother Eagle

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Well I mean he is the smaller brother of the beefy deep-voiced Thunder, makes sense for them to sound different. It would be weird if they both had deep booming voices.

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There we go, thanks for pulling that up. I swear I forget how much lore consists within the backstories and Shadow Lords.


As far as the old canon, I believe he was the elder brother but this game probably retconned that.

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Well that settles that I guess.

Yes we changed the comic canon (which isn’t canon anyway) because it made more sense with the new story that Eagle is the younger brother.


Speaking of which is the new series canon?

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Yes, the new comic book series is canon, continuing from where Shadow Lords left off.

It’s a really cool story, but naturally I’m biased. =)


Well it’s canon if you want to Follow the current Killer Instinct maybe but the True Canon is the original KI with the time Travel and all the cool stuff.

Is Jago and Kim being a thing canon? :weary:

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