Eagle Trailer revealed

It’s pretty obvious this is what you’ve wanted the entire time, so here goes, you have been acknowledged by a developer.

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took out some of the good things left by DH like arcade mode for example and turned it into story mode.[/quote]
Because we changed the way the story mode functioned from S1 to S2? Yes, we went with one ending after we polled players on what they would rather have (more what-if multiple endings or more canon lore) and went with popular vote of more canon endings instead of multiple what-if endings.

Subjective opinion. You can’t censor something that didn’t include objectionable content to begin with, which is what we did with these. I respect that you’d like KI to have an M rating, but we didn’t feel it was necessary, nor do we feel it is now. I’ve explained multiple times before our reasons for doing so. Do a search if you’re so inclined.

This is vague and generalizing. We built a replayable mode that included story for every character, which was well beyond what we did in the earlier seasons. Had we done S3 just like S2, we would have focused exclusively on the S3 characters. I don’t recall us ever “misleading” the community on what SL was going to be. You apparently have some strict ideals as to what encompasses a “story mode” in a fighting game… ok. We didn’t make that for S3, we evolved the story mode in a way that we felt would best serve the solo players out there.

Yeah, just the idea of new, younger players being able to play our game and enjoy it makes me so mad.

You really should read up on the Bill or Rights and the Constitution (they’re separate articles, by the way). This is a private forum, privately run. We can ban you or mute you for whatever reason we want whenever we want. Fortunately, we’re a tolerant bunch, and we enjoy debate, so we don’t kick people unless they get way out of line. Your attacks on other forum members is where you get in trouble.

Don’t like something? Sure, ok. Clearly and respectfully stating your issues? Yep, fine. Attacking other forum members for not sharing your opinion? Nope.

Civility is what keeps you from getting banned here.