Eagle Trailer revealed

Eagle Releases June 27

End of June? :cry:

Nice! Ken described him as a zoner / anti-zoner. Keits said on Twitter said:

"How does Eagle play?

A little Green Arrow. A little Hawkeye. A little Nakoruru if the bird was an MvC2 assist. A little extra.

He is a very mobile zoner with some really, really scary mixups from various ranges. Definitely a top tier threat."

Really curious to see him in action more!


Looked like he’s only got 3 arrows that need to be retrieved by his Eagle, kinda like Maya’s daggers.


Just speculation on what was in the trailer. lol

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Five arrows?

Also… Any chance Eagle yells “PHOENIX!” at any point? Gonna guess “no” on that one. :slight_smile:

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I like it! Looking forward to playing Eagle! Seem the Shadow lords guardians spirits were influence for Eagles, Eagle lol

Awesome job @developers, really proud of the amount of work you guys and gals did to capture the Nez Perce people.

Eagle looks incredibly fun to play, can’t wait to play him after work on that day :sob:


Agree 110%! Eagle looks awesome, and I love that this kind of dedication and authenticity went in to creating a character for this game. Big thanks to the Nez Perce, MS and IG on an awesome job!!

Oh my goodness…

That’s it.

Ki is the greatest fighting game right now. Don’t give a damn what people say. That was amazingly hype. And his play style!?


Ready for the 27. :persevere:


I can’t help but ask why or rather how his “guardian spirit” was transformed into a robot bird like something straight out of Clash of the Titans. Does Ultratech have the technology to turn beings of pure energy into machines? What, does ARIA have Dr. Robotnik working for her at Ultratech HQ? :joy:


Actually, I believe the eagle is made by Glacius, and it’s not a guardian, just a drone.

Even if its actually a spirit, my bet is that Glacius made it some short of “shell”, the metal eagle

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Aw shucks, no release date.

Oh well, I do like the looks of his auto doubles.
Though some animations look a bit odd, he seems like he’ll have a fun playstyle.

Are there any plans to show him off in a future stream any time this or next month?

Ken said it’s June 27th.


Oh, lovely!

Thanks for that, I’ve been pretty out of the loop as of late.
I’m really looking forward to hearing his theme in full.

You bet! Here’s hoping the next two weeks (almost) go by quickly…

Gonna play him as my zoner of the F***ing three mains I have.

Now it’s gonna be the f***ing four.

With another character on the way too.

This was an awesome trailer. Eagle looks cool in both his main and retro, his gameplay looks awesome and I love how the bird is used to pick up arrows and such.

Good job, IG. :heart:


What’s gunna look weird is playing eagle with what looks like 2 guardians: his eagle and my choice of guardian.