Color 11 FREE for Limited Edition Shadow Jago owners


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I just bought my Shago Figure. Best. Main. EVER (in my opinion)!!!

I know it’s better to collect moments and not just things but this is a moment that I can’t wait for!!!

Now to wait for the figurine and Season 3 and everything will go smooth!!!


I guess in this scenario I’m one of the rare people that empties their recycle bin.


Well that sucks. Did you check out as guest or register? If you registered you should be able to pull the order number through the account.


Guest, I typically choose guest checkout if there’s the option so I don’t have to make an account.


Oh man sucks. I wonder if a tracking number would help? I doubt it but never know.


I emailed them yesterday asking if there’s other information I could provide them and I’m waiting on a response currently.


Best of luck. I also ordered via guest but I used PayPal.


Why wouldn’t they accept your card info or ledger as proof of payment?


Got my color 11 code. They emailed me back asking for the name on the order (which I already provided them), but it was just a small issue with my last name being different on the order cause I have a second capital letter in it. As soon as I gave them my name as it was on the order they shot me a code right away.


Good to read! Glad it worked out.


Yeah I’m having trouble getting my code too. I threw out anything that wasn’t the box, the collector card, the sword and the figure when I first got it.

I sent an email with my name and address since I was at work and didn’t have access to my collector card. They say they have no record of me.

So I get home, take a picture of my card and send it in the email string. They tell me they need the order number. I tell them I don’t have it. They tell me to check inside the box for it. I check again to be sure and tell them again I don’t have it. They tell me to check my email for it.

Now, I deleted the email the day my Shago arrived. I had ordered the first day available and didn’t create an account. Unfortunately, my email only recovers deleted emails back to February 5th, so it wasn’t available.

I take multiple pictures of my card, my code that I used to unlock color 10, and put them next to my TV with Shago with color 10 selected and sent them to support. I don’t know what else to do. I’ve spent a to ton of time on this.

I’m trying not to get frustrated with them because I’m the one that can’t produce my order number, but given how much time has passed, and the fact that they have no record of my purchase and my collector card picture seemingly isn’t good enough is starting to grate on me a bit.


Strange because I also couldn’t provide them my order number, but when I followed up with them they just asked for the name on my order and I provided my name as it was on the order and next I knew I had a code.


The pic isnt good enough because to many ASShats used other people pics and cheated their way into getting a code.

Are you telling me you deleted your "deleted items " in your email? Do people really do this that often? You should be able to restore the email.

This is why you dont throw away receipts as well. Hang on to them for a few months.


No I don’t delete my deleted items at all, but apparently my email dumps deleted items automatically after two weeks. I had to recover emails just to go back further and it only goes back as far as 2/5/16.

It’s disappointing. I don’t know what else I can do. Support keeps telling me to provide my order number and I don’t have any means to access it. My email doesn’t go back far enough and I don’t keep receipts for things multiple months after I receive something. I ordered one the first day they were available to order and I don’t know what else to do. :frowning:

Yeah, they said they don’t have my name. It’s been a confluence of crappy events. I ordered a figure and they shipped it to my address, yet I can’t seem to get color 11.


i send 2 emails to them 6 days ago a still nothing … so sad maybe i am not lucky , to get the coloer 11 @UltimateToy


emailed mine a week ago and still no response :confused:


So I got a reply asking for my order number because “people were faking pics and statue numbers” which would be fine except I had to place my order through someone on Ebay because Ultimate Source doesn’t ship to PO. Boxes, and I have NO valid physical address according to Fed Ex, UPS and USPS.
(Even though its clearly a house, I have a house number, it shows on Google Maps, The post office is literally less then one mile from it, they just don’t recognize it as valid so they refuse delivery)

I know its most likely a rare issue but it really does suck that Ill probably end up missing out on this because of having to buy something off of another site because it wouldn’t have made it to where I live.

I ended up paying about $60 just so I could get the Limited Edition figure back in February, I’m hoping that the new information I sent them will prove that I own the statue, I bought it, and I’m not faking any part of it, I literally took screenshots of the Paypal transaction, Ebay listing/purchase number, got the original sellers name (he didn’t have his order number) A picture of me, holding the statue, box, limited edition card and even a pic with me, my drivers license and the limited edition card/statue and box.

Hoping to get good news back but expecting the worst, people really suck when they ruin things for others.


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Emailed earlier hopefully no issues i barely redeemed color 10