Color 11 FREE for Limited Edition Shadow Jago owners


Man… What a sucky ordeal. This was supposed to be them doing something nice for the fans and people had to mess it up. I feel bad for them because they’ll have to deal with dissatisfied customers (like me), and I get screwed over a bit because I don’t keep old emails in my inbox, I throw out paper that I don’t need anymore, and they seemingly don’t have a record of my purchase even though I have the freaking figure sitting in a box in my house, which they shipped it to. Sorry, I don’t mean to come off entitled or snotty and I’m sure that I am. I apologize for that.

@UltimateToy is there anything I can do here? I’ve sent multiple pictures of my card with the number on it, my card next to my figure, my card next the TV showing my unlocked color 10 for Shago. I don’t know what else to do. I bought it and paid for it but I don’t have the order number anymore. I simply don’t have access to it via my email (which only recovers deleted items back to 2/5/16) and I threw out everything that wasn’t the figure, the sword, the collector card and the box it came in. I don’t have the order number, and I can’t get anyone at Support to send me my code for color 11. Any help would be much appreciated.


Do you have digital bankrecords showing you paid for it to prove it? Dont know if thos has been mentioned (didnt read the whole thread), but of not, might be worth a try.


I actually checked through that and while I do see a charge that looks like it could’ve been it, the one charging me wasn’t Ultimate Toy. It was some other name that I didn’t recognize.


Maybee show them that . They’ll probably know what the company is


So sending a picture of my card isn’t good enough now?


Nope, too many snakes that cheating the system and got a free code for nothing. Leave to them to always ruin it for the people that actually did spend their money and are legit.

This just goes to show you cant trust anyone in this world anymore that isnt you family or best friends. People always wanting a free handout and complain if they dont get it.

Use your email notification, your invoice receipt that came with the figure…or, find the history of the purchase notification and use a screen shot.


Ugh thats ■■■■■■■ retarded they need to update the original post then. My mom ordered everything while i was at work. Shes 120 miled away what if i just had the order # or she sent me a picture explaining how to use paint and screen shot is not going to go well


the order number should work… order number and exact name and address of the purchaser. Its the picture system that ruined it for every one… all the snakes ended up using the same pic or sending in a random card number and Ulitmate source fell for it until the real people started asking for there code… then it was like oh crap we got duped.


Hell even the order number i got isnt even the figure i got isnt that order

Im so upset with this ordeal i got one of the first 1500 order confirm numbers yet i got 2000s figure now this its waaay to many hoops to jump through for a skin.

If she can’t find the email but i got the bank statement how will i go about getting it with that?


Your best bet is to contact Ultimate Source’s support directly, this way they can give you the proper direction with regards to what information would work best.

Sharing information regarding what has worked here on the forums is great, but if @UltimateToy doesn’t directly respond to you here, I’d take anyone else’s confirmed steps with a grain of salt, as the official steps might be different.


Im sorry but I have no clue what your saying … Just contact Ultimate toy support email and ask them for help.


Where do i find this support went to website seen nohting on my lgg3


the OP has the support email link and so does their website


Just sent them another email, though I’m starting to get the feeling that it’s pointless. It really sucks that something they were cool enough to do is getting messed up by a-holes trying to scam them. I really don’t want to be one of those people who say “I’ll never buy from them again” because I know it’s not entirely their fault. I’m the one that threw out my receipt and I’m the one that can’t access the email with the order number. I’m just getting such a sour taste from this experience though.


yeah, well just look at it like “you didnt pay for it, so your not really loosing anything”…but it does suck… I get it. Maybe once everything blows over and calms down…try again?


True. I paid for the figure, but the color 11 was just something nice that they’re doing and I’m apparently missing out on that. It sucks, but yeah, at least I got the figure and it wasn’t lost in the mail or something. Given that they seemingly have no record of my purchase, that would’ve been WAY worse!


I bet the will take care of you once everything dies down… let them get to were they arent receiving a ton of emails a day and spending their entire day researching snakes and they will hook you up.


Good idea. Thanks man! I really hope so.

EDIT: Ah awesome!! They just sent me a code. Thanks, Ultimate Source! I really appreciate it.


So what did you end up showing them? I don’t have my order number either.

You would think that’s they would have looked at the numbers of the cards, so people using the same number would be shot down


I showed them my collector card, my collector card next to my figure, and also my collector card next to my TV showing my color 10 that I unlocked with my collector card. I don’t know if any one thing worked in particular or if they were just getting around to me and were nice enough to give me a code in spite of my lack of an order number. I’m very grateful to them, and hopefully your issue gets sorted out as well, for your sake.