Color 11 FREE for Limited Edition Shadow Jago owners


The problem here is that it’s safe to assume the cards are numbered 1-5000. If I was to fake a submission using someone else’s number, I would wrongfully get a code while the person who really had that number would appear to be the one doing something underhanded, and I think that’s exactly the situation that’s been happening.


I get that, but when a real card is sent in they should honor it. Or have pics taken of both sides. They should have seen this comming. Any time you try to reward someone, then there will always be people trying to scam it for free. They should be banned.


NO way!!! thats awesome! See they just need a little time to do the research and truly find your order #. You know they may not have a high tech order system … they may just be doing everything old school. You never know.


Yeah I personally think the picture idea was a bad one. It should have been straight up Name, address, order # only. that way there is much of a chance for someone to steal your identity for a code




be very careful of this thread I’m contacting Microsoft ATm because I gave the email provided a pic of my xbox live gold box from year 1 to get my shago 11 colors now ,and it seems like someone it trying ti hijack my xbox or my live/ gold account


This Is absolutely amazing. Email sent!


Quick question guys. Do I just redeem the color code at the regular 'Redeem Code" option on the XB1 or is there something else I need to do? I am ready to redeem my 11 Fulgore and want to make sure I do it right lol


Why would you give them you Xbox live gold card? You only get #11 for having a Limited Edition Shago FIGURE/ toy. Not the KI digital character.


yes, 25 digit redeem add on code in the Xbox store


well they told me they needed the picture of my day one shago code, I got screwed over and its my own stupid fault,and why would I not get the color just because I don’t have a stupid toy,i had shago b4 anyone else did.


Because you got color #10 for buying the limited edition shadow jago toy. Then they released a regular edition Shago toy with color #11…this made some people upset that they would have to buy 2 toys to get both colors. So they decided to give #11 to those that bough the limited edition toy that came with #10.

Its cool man, you just read it wrong… I can understand that…the title of the thread can be misleading.


I’m so glad I decided to check this section of the forum.

Sent an email


I really need to remember to send them an email when i get home. I always forget -_-


Still havent received color 11 code.


That’s strange. I got my code same-day

I had to show them the invoice that came with the package, though. But got it within a few hours


Yeah my bf emailed them like 5 days ago and still hasn’t gotten anything from them. We are really trying to get in contact with them so he can get his color 11. Any info would be great.


I got my code literally 30 seconds after emailing them. Not sure why some aren’t getting theirs. I just emailed a pic of my number card.


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anybody interested in purchasing Shadow Jago figurine+DLC code including 11th colour code?
I’m from Europe. Msg me. I’m sorry for spoiling the thread.


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@Onetilburg013 may be interested in the code. He bought a Fulgore code form me.