Color 11 FREE for Limited Edition Shadow Jago owners


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Thanks, but I already have the Shadow Jago Figure with DLC color 10 and 11 code :slight_smile:
However I’m still looking for color 10 codes for Jago and Sabrewulf.
You can send me a message if You are willing to sell those codes to me. [/spoiler]


LOL…ok…when did all that start happening??? owell you guys PM each other and do as you please.


I trully apologize for mess and spoiling the thread.


My boyfriend emailed the same thing and 4 days later they asked for more info, and he’s been battling with them.


That means someone already used your card # or name. Sucks that people would do that but unfortunately it happens.


If u buy the shadow jago figure do u still need to buy him in game?


exactly. purchasing the shadow jago figurine DOES NOT grant you playable character. You need to purchase Shadow Jago on Xbox store to redeem his 10th and/or 11th colour.


Guys, they dont accept the collectors card as proof anymore.

You need either your order number (found in the email when you placed your order) or the invoice that came in the box it shipped in.


i sne that many times
order number, pic, … reply my email of the order and nothing for the las month every time i could and is to sad that i dont get my code @UltimateToy


So it appears that the the Shadow Jago figure limited edition with color code 10 is available again through for $ 34.99 ?

Shadow Jago Limited edition with color code 10 and 11

Strange? I thought that the limited edition of Shadow Jago wasn’t available anymore from Ultimatesource?

They also sell the other Shadow Jago figure which comes with color code 11 only for $ 29.99:
Shadow Jago figure with color code 11

If the limited edition Shadow Jago is available again this is Your chance to get color code 10 again :relaxed:



Will part with my Shago figure and color 11 code. PM me if you’re in the EU and interested.


Oh, Oh, I think the moderator will adjust Your post. it is not allowed to openly sell Xbox codes through the forums :wink:

I’m not sure about selling the figure on the forum will be an issue? I should think not :slight_smile:


Okay, I wasn’t aware. I’ve changed my post; if you could change your quote to match or remove it that’d be great.


Done. No problem. I wasn’t aware of that myself before as well :wink:


BigBadToy must have bought up the remaining LE’s to sale in there store?

Well thats a good thing for those wanting #10


I just got a new computer so I can check my email. I got the code a while ago but could finally see it when I tried to activate it the console said the code was already used, I hope I was not to late. I sent an email to the support team.


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This is not the appropriate thread for this post.

Please visit the thread below and post there, because that is the thread the developers are paying the most attention to when it comes to bug reporting.


I emailed you guys twice and never received the code.


Wonder why they didn’t send codes to everyone. Maybe a case of a few bad apples taking advantage so they cut it off before it was fully finished.