Color 11 FREE for Limited Edition Shadow Jago owners


If so then that’s crazy. I’ve sent them three different forms of proof.


I got my code, thanks Ultimate Source!


Thanks ultimate source! I’m loving color 11. It’s my favorite for shago.


Hey so what if I’m super late to this? I already sent an email but I had no idea this was an option.


I try sending the message of the name I use for the order but it won’t sent I don’t know why it keep failing to sent please help me


I want to thank Ultimate Toy Support for making sure I received a working code. Thanks :sunglasses:


I’m late for the ride but I sent mine in


I just sent an e-mail as well. I’ve only recently discovered these forums.


I think they posted on their twitter that they stopped that promotion sometime in December


I’m super late but I sent the email


@UltimateToy are you guys done with this or what?


Sad, because I rarely use Twitter and have only found the site. If so, oh well.


In my opinion if they’re still selling the LE they should still be offering colour 11 with it. Might as well just pack a code in with new orders.


I love you guys :wink::sunglasses: your the best


They don’t sell LE Shago figures anymore, hence why they were called LE.


No because the deal was only offered fro those that DIDNT have a choice. Now you have a choice to buy either or. No deal now


The store is closed for now but they still had some in stock right through the blowout sale.


I think a better way of putting it was they started out saying “Hey, we have this limited edition Shago!!! And he comes with color 10! But there’s only 5000 figures, and after X date, we won’t sell anymore. Better get him before they’re gone!!” And after the time was up for ordering him, the very next day they said “Hey, We’re putting Shago up for everyone! Hurry up and get yours today! And he now comes with color 11!!”

Everyone was like “WTH? I just paid good money for this, and now I have to get a duplicate in order to get this new color? I call shenanigans!!”

And so to appease their previous Shago “limited edition” customers they offered the color 11 to those that could prove they bought it. And apparently now they stopped.


They do still have them I bought one a couple weeks ago


Those aren’t LE Shago figures. There were only 5000 LE Shago figures sold and those came with color 10. Now you can buy a Shago figure that comes with color 11.