Color 11 FREE for Limited Edition Shadow Jago owners


Um yeah no I bought an LE figure it wasn’t sold out


If you have one fine, but they haven’t sold LE Shago figures for a while now.


Just before the site went down they still had em


LE = Limited Edition

When they first released the Shago figures there were only 5000 of them and those came with color 10, those were the LE Shago figures. After the 5000 LE Shago figures were sold they brought back the Shago figures, but come with color 11 and not color 10.

So yes, there was still Shago figures being sold, but they weren’t the LE ones that were all sold last year and came with color 10.


Buddy what I’m telling you is I got an LE Shago figure that came with an X/5000 card and only color 10,it came in a black box with shago’s face on it,I posted in this thread to see if I can still get color 11 without buying a regular shago figure as I have no need for another figure.


Like I said, it’s fine that you have a LE Shago figure, but you said they were still selling them which is not true because they sold the 5000 figures last year (or was it earlier?).

No, they are not and have not been selling Limited Edition Shago figures that came with color 10 recently.
Yes, they have been selling what you might call Standard Edition Shago figures that come with color 11.


I purchased a LE shago figure 2/7 this year you don’t have to believe me but it’s true I’d show you the packing list but I threw it away.


I’m sorry, but you are incorrect. @GONZFAM and @Exu are absolutely correct. I’m not sure why you don’t believe someone who bought one and others who confirm it as well. They in fact did put up some LE Shagos for sale again recently on their site in addition to the standard one. They were available on their site when their last big sale started a few weeks ago. There was not much fanfare but it was indeed the Limited Edition black box with color 10. They had both that and the standard for sale. I know because I saw it too and was kicking myself for not waiting and getting one for so cheap rather than buying one earlier, even though they did claim it was limited. They are also selling some via Amazon now too, just at full price:
(These were in stock and sold by Ultimate Source when posted, but now out of stock)

It is also in stock currently at BigBadToyStore online which is where I got mine after it was gone from Ultimate Source’s own web store for some time. It was actually out of stock on the BBTS for a while until recently as well.
They either produced more or had some stock they were sitting on.


this deal still continue ? i want to order from amazon SG LE


I managed to get a Shadow Jago statue with the colour 10 code but I emailed and was told I can’t have colour 11. That’s some nasty treatment :frowning:


What dd they say is the reason? You can get one from Brandon at Ultra arcade if you subscribe to his stream. FInd him on Facebook or Twitter to see the post stating that.


This is literally all the text in the email I got back from Ultimate Source:

“Sorry the color 11 promotion ended 11 months ago.”



They may not have any more. Try Brandon, he is givning away S1 codes.