Color 11 FREE for Limited Edition Shadow Jago owners

We would first like to say thank you to the entire KI community and all our Ultimate Source fans. Our official Wave One figure launch was a great success and all the support over the last several months has been truly amazing. Again we can’t thank you all enough. We are excited to continue to build the KI collectible figure line, support KI tournament events, and do even more giveaways in the future. We are working hard because (like you) we love Killer Instinct and this community.

We would also like to take a moment and address those who bought the Limited Edition Shadow Jago figure. Our goal was to create a something that both fans of Killer Instinct and fans of collectibles would enjoy. Special packaging, individually numbered collector’s card, and of course, Shadow Jago’s Color 10 – of which there are only 5,000 in the wild.

With the release of the Standard version of Shadow Jago, your feedback indicated that your main concern was around the in-game unlockable. The introduction of Color 11 showed us that your dedication to Killer Instinct is incredible, and we wanted to make sure those of you with the Limited Edition of the Shadow Jago figure felt confident in the value of your purchase.

Because of this feedback we are pleased to be able to offer Color 11 to anyone who already bought the L.E. version of Shadow Jago at no additional charge.

Here are the simple steps to secure your code for color 11.

  1. Please email us a picture of your Limited Edition collector card to our support email at ( We will log in your figure number and send you a color 11 code for Shadow Jago right away.

  2. If you do not have your collector card then just send us the full name which was on the order or your order number.

We will do our best to reply to each email right away so you can use color 11 right away. Color 11 of Shadow Jago does work with the current version of the game and remember all color 10 codes will work when Season 3 drop on 3/29.

Again thank you for all the support,

  • The Ultimate Source Team

You guys are so freaking awesome


I hope I still have that card.

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This is amazing guys. Thanks for figuring this out the best way possible, and quickly too.

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we can also track you by order name and order number.

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Thank you guys for listening, not only do you have awesome figures but awesome customer relations! :grin:

Thanks so much for clearing this up, it’s very much appreciated.
I’ll get on to this as soon as I can.

This is wonderful news! Thank you so much Ultimate Source for letting us have Color 11. Sending my email soon!

Thank you very much for addressing this so swiftly. I look forward to hopefully buying more figures in the future when the European shipping cost issues are sorted.

Sent. Thanks A LOT. You’re the best!

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You guys are awesome, thank you!

You guys are fantastic. Thank you! <3

This is fantastic news and exactly what I was hoping to hear on the subject. The subject as a whole was also fully covered with this one post, so thanks for not leaving any big questions unaddressed. I have to say my faith in Ultimate Source is renewed and I will probably look to get more figures in the future thanks to this :smiley:

i quited ranked matches because i cannot have the new colors,unless i pay 100 euros. ranked league is all yours. you are the best

This is absolutely amazing news, but I don’t have the collecters card, and I don’t think I know what they mean by the name of the order :frowning:

Wow. That is some really awesome customer service.

Thank you guys so much! Absolutely love your figures, as well. You guys make a very high quality product. Really appreciate it.

you guys are the best

Well, what’s the name you put in when you ordered the figure? Don’t tell us, but that’s the name they want.

That was fast as hell, holy crap… I already got my color 11 code XD

Hm… I actually don’t remember anything about an order name being involved with the figure :confused:

Do I have to put the name of my Xbox One account, or something else?