Color 11 FREE for Limited Edition Shadow Jago owners


I’m having a big problem with this whole Shadow Jago Color 11 ordeal.Not only have I shown my order information plus collector card numbers I even went as far as taking a pic of all the 5 LE Shago Boxes I purchased and the support site is still asking for further info.What more proof do you need.I love KI but this experience has practically destroyed my enthusiasm to purchase more figures which i was planning on doing :frowning:


Tweet @ultimatetoy and tell them your issue.


They’re probably like wow I can’t believe this guy bought five Shagos. :smiley:

One other thing for those having problems, I noticed you can actually create an account on Ultimate Source’s website and there’s an order history on there.
I didn’t create an account when I bought my Shago because I was rushing to get one, in fact I can’t clearly remember if there even was the option.

However, [I]if there was[/I] and [I]if you did[/I] then there’s your evidence right there.


Its not their fault, its not your fault…its all the snakes that sent emails and got a free color and didnt actually qualify. they ruined it for you.


Understood about the dishonest folks that cheated the system, but cmon man… There’s clearly people (myself included) that fowarded a copy of our order receipt and shipping confirmation (also pic of the card) from the exact email address that we provided for our order and they’re still saying we don’t qualify for the code?? Something doesn’t add up with this practice. Its one thing to post this but to deny the honest folks who’ve proven that we ordered the figure and actually qualify and not make this right is bad. I planned on ordering each and every figure that they offered but now I’ve heavily reconsidered based off of Ultimate Source not makng this right for those that actually qualify.


Oh I totally agree! I’m not saying you don’t deserve your color…you absolutely deserve to get what you qualified for.
Maybe they need a minute to get it all ironed out. Imagine the flood of emails they received from all the assss hats that seen this opportunity not only on here but on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

I bet you they got thousand of emails…multiple emails from the same person asking multiple questions. No telling how many people just emailed for the helll of it with someone elses picture and got a color.

Give them till next week and hopefully they will make it right for you…dont give up on them yet


Just wanted to give an update. I was one of the people having issues getting the code. I tried one last time sending a new email (and not continuing the previous email chain where I was having trouble). I included in pdf format my order confirmation email and a picture of the figure itself, the collector card and the packing slip with all my order info visible. I was able to get the code after that.

Again, I appreciate these guys doing this. Hopefully they learn from this and for the future if they do something like this again, they have a better system in place for verifying orders and people. Thanks all!


That’s awesome!!! Looks like they are just trying to crack down on all the snakes. It should have been this way from the get go to be honest.

I hope the others are able to get theirs with this method.

remember guys…they close pretty early and tomorrow starts a 3 days weekend for most business’s. SO if you dont get a response today dont freak out…you will probably hear from them Monday.


Thanks for the update JacksonEllis. I’ve tried that exact same approach sans the order confirmation in pdf format. Took a fresh photo of the figure, box it came in, collector’s card and the packing slip. Attached that to a fresh email with the same subject line as this post. Fingers crossed :smile:

Update: It worked… got my code within an hour. Happy about it… Thank you Ultimate Source for this :smile:


Thanks guys, super prompt service!!


Sent my email 2 or 3 days ago and still no response… Is this offer still valid?


if you qualify it is. Did you send you order # for the LE Shago and account information?


I got my color 11 installed, man this is one slick color.


I’m a little disappointed that support seems to be unable to lookup my Order Number or even find anything with my name against my order. It seems that the website had a complete overhaul, and probably a new database so they can’t lookup this information to the same level that they can now. I’m doing everything I can to prove myself and even posted my PayPal transaction - but am getting no where. Sad.

Update: After sending a second picture of both my card, and my PayPal transaction they did honor the request. Thank you guys for everything.


Just got my Color 11 code in 6 minutes! Love you guys so hard right now!


Got my color mere hours after I sent my e-mail, and I love it. Thanks @UltimateToy :smiley:


Sell please separately ingame codes for colour 10 and colour 11.
Many players not want buy figurines toys and want buy ingame codes only.


Omg after this whole week of back and forth emails I finally was able to get my codes for Color 11 I had to send them the order number-name on the order and the address.
I know they were just cracking down on the scammers but I really hope everyone that paid for the figure get there code.Thanks to all for the help and thanks to Ultimate Source for coming through.Guys S3 is almost here I’m super hyped!


Looks like I won’t be able to get my color 11 cause I don’t have the order # anymore since I deleted the email.


DId you empty the deleted email bin? Its still there unless you permanently deleted them…which is rare for people to do.