Color 11 FREE for Limited Edition Shadow Jago owners


they close shop pretty early, just be patient…they have great customer service. If you have heard from them by end of the work day… ask again politely. I bet they have a ton of email to sift through and most are probably not eligible. Im sure people are trying to get a free color without buying the LE figure.


I never noticed that omen and shadow jago have the same instinct graphic


Yep!!! Gargos!!!


Awesome stuff here. I didn’t buy LE Shago but it is always nice to see a company care about its consumer’s concerns and feedback.


I appreciate that these guys are doing this, but this has been a pretty bad experience for me so far. I emailed them my collector card, but then they demanded my order number, name and address. I provided everything: date of order, order #, my name, shipping address, billing address and the contents of the actual order, plus the total price paid. They said that it didn’t match. I can’t believe how many hoops I’ve had to jump through to prove that I’m a paying customer and I still don’t have the code.


Someone may have faked them out with a pic with your #?? I seen someone post a pic with a hand written number on their card…they are not hand written…so im not sure what was up with that.


Got color 10 and now 11

I def feel better


^ I hear you bro, I just got an email from them stating that they are no longer sending you codes. Pretty sh*tty considering I provided my order receipt and the photo of my collectors card. Someone said great customer service, riiiiiiiiiight


Yeah that is possible and that would suck. It isn’t the company’s fault if someone actually sent out fakes, but I’m totally confused that when I showed the info from my order confirmation, that they said it didn’t match. I’m dumbfounded by that really.


yeah something isnt right there…Ive had nothing but excellent customer service from them. Something strange has happened and I bet you anything it has to do with people that didnt rightfully purchase a #10 and sent an email in attempt to get a free #11 even though they didnt deserve it…there for ruining it for the ones that truly deserve it.

I did see someone post that they did not buy the LE and sent an email anyway just to see if they could get an 11 and it worked.


@UltimateToy Well this has been extremely disappointing. I was told the same thing as the above posters, that they are no longer sending me codes and they are disappointed that I am trying to take advantage. After I responded with the order number, name, address, and a question of what was going on, they then said they had received multiple emails with multiple codes (I sent them one email with one picture of my card last night) so they “cannot send me a code at this time”.

I just received my four new figures a couple of days ago and am considering returning them as I am so disappointed in the experience.


I sent them the receipt they e-mailed me when I bought Shago. You cant fake the order number. I did get my Color #11 BTW


Dam I received both my codes In under 5 minutes :grin:


I had a feeling the “picture” idea was a bad one. too many snakes willing to cheat the offer.

Should have been by Order# only


That may have been me. I erased the actual number in the posted pic because I didn’t want someone trying to steal it, but when I supplied my photo to Ultimate Source I added my order number and name so you guys may want to try that too.

If you can find your order confirmation email, forward that as well.

Also it should go without saying but if you’re going to post your picture anywhere else then don’t post it until you have your code, and even then erase the number.


Well glad it wasn’t you… unlike the one up above who admits they sent 2 emails and got 2 codes.

I hope Ultimate source learned a lesson here… no matter how awesome the fans are…there are always going to be too many that try and cheat the system and take advantage of great customer service.


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Seems like its too late now…I knew this was gonna happen as soon as I seen the post and rules for sending in a picture or just your name in an email…and thats unfortunate.


Take a picture of the figure plus a piece of paper with the date, your real name, your gamertag and KI forum username, plus any other relevant information such as your order number, and send that along.
EDIT: Oh and the card if you can find it, derp.

That might help them cross-reference and galvanises that you are who you say you are.

It wouldn’t hurt to also have KI running and visible in the picture, with Shadow Jago #10 selected and #11 noticeably not there. In fact just go ahead and screenshot that and send it along too, your gamertag will be in the screencap.

This goes for anyone else having issues.


awesome; I just sent my email. I don’t have the card, but I did leave my name and order number.