Color 11 FREE for Limited Edition Shadow Jago owners


Just wanted to update and say I got the code yesterday and it worked first time. Only thing now is for @UltimateToy to fix their international shipping costs so I can support them further by gradually buying the rest of the figures.


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Can someone post a screenshot of color 11? I got my code, but not sure I want it, I might just give it away.


Thank you Ultimate Source, customer service like this goes a long way. I’m glad the early adopters and collectors get a little bonus. I’m waiting for the big Jago to be available!


Oh you want it. Why would you just give it away?


Why not? I don’t really care for cosmetics and I don’t really play Shadow Jago anymore.

On a side note, his colors are all pretty bad in my opinion, I didn’t keep color 10 either. The only one I like is the default one, but just in case 11 turns out to be completely badass - general purple hue to match season 3 shadows? maybe more Noob Saibot-ish? - I would like to see it before I give it away.


Link to the color:


Thanks. Not bad, but not groundbreaking. Gonna have to think about how to make the giveaway a little more interesting than just a lottery. :wink:


If I might make a suggestion, maybe work with a KI twitch streamer to run some kind of forum-members-only tournament - maybe with some crazy rules like mandatory random character selection, or no Instinct use?

@CStyles45, think you could run it on the official KI channel? “The Season 2 Farewell Tournament” or something?


That’s a really neat idea, I’m in! My only caveat is that it should be held at a time that will allow EU folks to participate as well (so noon-ish on a weekend for the US?).


It would definitely have to be a weekend day in the US, yeah. That would make it early-to-mid evening in the EU, right?

My thinking is that it would make for a fun Twitch stream, could bring attention to the forums (as the weekly Forum Battles stream does), and also makes it a fun event for the KI forum community.

Mandatory random character select would prevent purposeful counter-picks, and would benefit those among us who play multiple characters (so, not me!), and not using Instinct changes up a lot of things about the game and various characters’ gameplans.

Obviously you’re welcome to decide your own rules, but I thought it was worth giving you some ideas.


Got mine yesterday , and just want to say how thankful I am for @UltimateToy giving this to us for free. They really didn’t have to give it to us at all , let Alone completely free. This was very generous of them , and a prime example of the correct way of doing business. The quality of their figures is also amazing ,they are extremely well made, and all look fantastic . I have the limited shadow jago, and plan on getting every single one as they come out . I’ll be getting each wave 1 within fhe next few weeks . Thanks again for the courtesy.


Only problem is see with Random select is you cant trust the person on the other side is picking random select. I seen this happen in Forum battles where someone was accused of NOT picking random select even thought here was no proof that he did or did not.

I think random select is great, but I can see someone getting salty for loosing and saying that their opponent didnt choose random if they get their good character and the looser gets a bad one.


Random could be moderated in some way, then, to avoid that. Maybe random select each bracket ahead of time, before players are even assigned to them.

Round one is Glacius vs Kan Ra, next is an Aganos mirror, next is Sabrewulf vs Orchid, etc. Then randomly seed the players in (Challonge or something), and as players advance, they are required to pick the specific character it tells them to.

Random without needing to be “on faith” random in the moment.


That’s a good idea. I think it would be bet that way!


Or just have the stream host perform a random select twice on-stream. Problem solved. :slightly_smiling:

Just not sure why you came up with the “no instinct” rule. We’re not playing Killer No Instinct, are we? :wink: Random select will gimp people enough, I think they should have a chance to come back.

Another interesting rule could be to force the winner of a game to change character, while having the loser stay with the current pick, just to put a little spin on the typical rule.


We’re probably better off moving this to another thread at this point. I’d like to let this thread work itself back on the main topic, and we can certainly drop in an update here when you have finalized the details.

I don’t want to put words in your mouth, so if you could be the one to open the linked topic, I’d appreciate it!

Goodbye S2 / Hello S3 Community Tournament (concept)

On it.

EDIT: Done.


This is AWESOME! I can’t wait to see how color 11 is. I LOVE color 10! It is actually better looking than color 9. To be honest, my favorite color is 2. Here is a picture of my personal fightstick with LED’s. Shadow Jago’s eyes and his instinct demon light up.


Anybody still waiting for their code?? I shot out an email yesterday afternoon and have yet to hear from them : - (