Goodbye S2 / Hello S3 Community Tournament (concept)


I’m leaving the original post below, but here’s the current state of discussion:

  • The theme will be “hello season 3”, so we will wait for S3 to release and use S3 chars
  • As such, it will not happen on the Easter weekend, looking to the first or second weekend of April
  • Whether or not it will have any special rules is still up in the air



While talking about Shago color 11 in this thread, I mentioned that I would like to give my code away, but do it in some interesting manner. @xSkeletalx that we hold an S2 goodbye tournament with some special rules and the winner would get the color. The ideas so far are:

  • Random select (either done on-stream by the host, or done beforehand for the whole bracket)
  • No instinct use (I’m against this one personally)
  • FT2 in brackets, FT3 in finals
  • The loser must stay with the selected character, while the winner must change to another randomly selected character
  • The competitors would be forum members who aren’t major tournament players

We’re open to other ideas to make it fun, also for runner-up prizes if anyone wants to give anything away. What we need first and foremost, however, is someone to handle the streaming and commentary duties. It was suggested that this be @CStyles45, since he already does it with the community forum battles. I certainly wouldn’t know how to go about it.

Another caveat is that I would like to have this available to EU folks, since that’s where I am, and so it would have to happen on a weekend around noon EST (4/5 pm GMT, 5/6 pm CET, 9/10 am PST). Also, if this was truly to be a goodbye to season two, it would have to happen this upcoming weekend (which is a bummer because it’s Easter and a lot folks will be out with their families, myself included).

The floor is open guys. What do you think?

To be clear, he’s run the forum battles stream on the official KI twitch channel once; I tagged him in case this was something he wanted to make semi-official that way.

@RGLOfficial and @MrxFlutterShy are the ones who run the Forum Battles stream typically, and might be interested in working with you on this.

I just don’t want this to come off as though I’m trying to force CStyles into something he doesn’t want to do (or can’t do), or give credit for the Forum Battles stuff in the wrong place!

My suggestion of “No Instinct” as a rule was just something which would be relatively simple to implement which would also do a great deal to shake up the normal run of matches, in case you wanted to make things really special.

If you wanted this to be more of a “Hello Season 3” tournament, maybe this should either be run as a select-your-character tournament, but you are only allowed to select from our brand new Season 3 roster! This would entice people to purchase the new season (like they needed more incentive) in order to compete, would give a lot of guaranteed exposure to the new characters, and would mean that everyone’s only had a few days to play their character.

It would also allow you to run this NEXT weekend, to avoid the holiday and give people a few days to get used to Season 3’s mechanics.

My bad, I saw that one stream run by CStyles, but I don’t normally watch US streams due to time zone differences. Sorry for any confusion. A “Hello Season 3” sound pretty interesting, too. In fact, with the holiday and everything, it sounds better than the original idea. Plus it gives us a little more time to set up. I’m all for it.

I’ll think about it. The question really becomes, does a tournament really promote Forum Battles in a positive way? (Which it would if we were involved.) As a casual event the answer is unclear.

I don’t personally like this idea, because the whole idea of 2 out of 3 is that you learn from your mistakes from the previous match. If the winner is allowed to change characters, that means that the loser will have an even harder time making a comeback because the winner would so easily be able to change tactics. Even worse, the winner, who is already doing well, has learned how to effectively counter their opponent, who is forced to stay with the same character.

If anything, I think it should be the reverse - the loser should be allowed to switch characters and the winner is stuck with whichever character they won with. This gives the loser a fighting chance while still challenging the winner of the previous match.

Just my 2 cents. :wink:

Also, if possible, I certainly wouldn’t mind participating. :slight_smile:

Well, technically we don’t have to have a tournament per se. I would be perfectly fine with doing a regular forum battles deal, then just doing a prize draw among all participants (just making sure that the person drawn doesn’t already have the code - but they could easily show that on-stream).

What you describe is the typical tournament rule, which works in a competitive environment, but the idea here is to put it on its head just for fun and enjoy the goofyness. Hence the random select and this particular notion.

I suggested a tournament in order to decide who gets the single color code up for grabs, as Shabu suggested they didn’t simply want to do a “lottery” to decide the winner.

Certainly take the time to decide what works best for you with regards to giving away your code, having fun, and who you’re going to work with for a stream; I would recommend having a final decision on day, time, and what the event is no later than next Monday or so, to give yourself plenty of time to generate attention here on the forums, Facebook, wherever you can share.

Most of my thoughts about this have already been represented by other people on this thread.

The character select rule and no instinct rule definitely scare me away. It should be a regular tournament.

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I don’t like the no instinct rule either, I posted it to be fair to @xSkeletalx who suggested it in the other thread. So let’s agree that’s out. That leaves us wtih two points of view on two different matters.

I was under the impression from previous posts that a tournament may not be what we want to promote casual and good fun. But, seeing as it’s you running the forum battles, I think you get the final say. A tournament certainly makes sense, there’s a prize for doing well - but comes with added work (registration, brackets, rules, time constraints, player limits, etc.). I am not opposed to a tournament, however, that was the original plan; if you’re fine with running that (and I can also help with brackets, communciation and whatnot, although I’d prefer a Sunday then) then let’s do it.

If we go with the “goodbye seaosn 2” theme, we have very little time to work work with, and that’s a huge negative. On the upside, we could go completely bonkers with the random select, winner has to switch to another random char, or anything else we can come up with just to have some laughs. There are enough serous tournaments around, this is definitley an option. If we go with the more probable “hello season 3” option, where only season 3 characters are allowed*, then obviously no random select there, plus it’s a good showcase for the game and community, so we’re good either way.

  • there is wiggle room here, too. For example, we can go with S3 chars only, locking them or allowing the loser to change a character; if we allow it, we might still only allow S3 characters, or all of them are fine, too.

While I appreciate the consideration, this is your show. I was just looking to facilitate by adding a couple ideas. I may participate, I may just watch; but that’s all down to how my downtime for the day of the event looks, not really WHAT the event is, in the end.

No worries, I think you have a say just like everyone here. If enough people liked it, we’d go with it, I don’t want to impose anything.

I would prefer not using the no instinct rule either, as it’s an integral part of the game, I think, that helps separate each character from the others.

Speaking of characters, I don’t think the tournament should be limited to just 1 season. In other words, we should be able to pick who we want. Just because we’re saying goodbye to the old season and/or hello to the new 1 doesn’t mean we should limit that - with new people pouring in for the new season, I think it would be best if we showed them everything that Killer Instinct has to offer, character-wise.

I do like the idea of waiting and building up hype for it though. Given the choice though, I would prefer saying goodbye rather than saying hello, if you get my drift. That being said, sans prize, we could always do both.

How is that different than any other online tournament out there? I would like to do something fun and unique, not do what everyone and their grandma does all the time.

I can be in. I don’t mind. As long as it is on a weekend,I am fine.

While it’s fine that you want to do something different and/or unique, I personally think it’s best to go with what works, as well as what’s proven to draw in participants. That way, interest in the game and the community and grow even bigger than just our small circle. :wink:

Then again, if you only want to have a tournament or event with as few participants as possible, that’s fine by me too - it increases the odds of me winning/earning a prize. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would prefer a regular tournament, was never a big fan of those “fun tournaments” with some weird rules.
But you do you, i will probably join regardless if it’s happening this weekend.

Looking forward for some more news.

Hey guys. This weekend is no good for me. With it being Easter weekend I’ll be busy most of the weekend with family. I’d love to say I could do it but I wouldn’t be 100% sure I could and wouldn’t want to leave you guys hanging if I couldn’t make it.

Best of luck with it either way!

Alright, to recap what we’ve come up with so far:

  • The theme will be “hello season 3”, so we will wait for S3 to release and use S3 chars
  • As such, it will not happen on the Easter weekend, looking to the first or second weekend of April

Questions for the potential organizers: @CStyles45, @MrxFlutterShy, @RGLOfficial

  • Which weekend would work better for you Apr 2/3 or Apr 9/10?
  • Would you prefer Saturday or Sunday? I’m leaning toward the latter (I have a Street Fighter weekly local on Saturdays). Remember it should to be around 6 PM CET (noon EST, 9 AM PST) to include EU people.
  • Am I allowed to participate? Not likely to win, but if everyone spazzed out and I somehow won, I would of course give up the prize to the runner-up (or the next person in line if they already had it, etc.)
  • How do we make sure this is a forum member / community event rather than having a “pro” player come in and take it?
  • I can handle the brackets and help out organization during the tournament (lobbies, spectating), I can also handle the promotion, if you guys let me know what you typically do to promote the Forum Battles. We can take all this to PMs of course once we know who’s running it (and hopefully streaming as well).
  • What’s the minimum entrant number to make this work? 16? 32? How many people do you typically get in your forum battles?

Question for everyone:

  • You guys are not fond of special rules and I get that, but I would like to keep just one. I would like to enforce the character choice to be season 3 only for the first match, just to make it a bit of an S3 exhibition. The loser can them make his counter-pick among all characters in the game. Is that okay?

I like the 1st half of the idea in that you’d have to use a S3 character to start, because you’re right - it does help promote the season (even if it does mean fewer varied matchups to start, as well as more mirror matches). However, if you go with that idea, I don’t personally like the idea of only allowing the loser to switch; I think the winner should switch if they really want to as well. Remember, S3 isn’t just about the new characters, but is also about the changes to the existing cast as well… :wink:

God, you’re hard to please. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, if the loser switches and wins, then the previous winner is now the loser and also gets to switch for the last match. Plus new vs old character matchups are also worth showcasing, so I stand by this one.