Color 11 FREE for Limited Edition Shadow Jago owners


You guys rock.

I just got the 4 other gen 1 figures and love them.
Quick question though. I entered the codes for those and it says it downloaded but I do not see the colors in the game.


Lol did they give you a code?


Did you restart the game?


Those go live when Season 3 does. Until then, it’s only Shago #10 and #11 that are in the current build.


Not until the 29th for the other Wave 1 figures



You guys are simply awesome!!! You guys “made it right” for all of us in the community that bought the Limited Edition Shadow Jago figure (which is an incredible figure btw!)

I can’t wait to see what you guys put out next! I gotta have a Glacius, Kan Ra, and Kim Wu!!!


Can’t wait to show these colors to everyone online…

…until S3 launches. Then, Shago will be at the back of my mind since his changes are very minimal. XD


Got my code now…The funny thing was I had ordered Fulgore, Hisako, & Saberwulf & left off Jago thinking I was going to have to get another Shadow Jago as well, so I was going to get some now & some later so the cost wouldn’t be so bad…& now I’m just without Jago.

Anyway, It’s all good. I’m getting them all eventually anyway.


You guys are awesome! I just sent an email and can’t wait to get that sweet color 11!


CStyles, are you getting one? Or do you have them all, and plan on collecting the rest?


yes I restarted the game and then the entire console.
I had no problem with the Shago color 10 from the original release a few weeks back but these 4 are a no go.



This is something entirely different. The colors for Jago, Sabrewulf, Fulgore, and Hisako don’t come in to play until March 29th.


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Got mine and it looks awesome :smiley:


Yea. I got them all. I encourage everyone to leave their feedback on the actual figures in this thread:


AWESOME! Got mine within 2 Hours @UltimateToy that is the definition of Customer Service…you guys ROCK!

Also on the poll for the next character PLEASE VOTE RIPTOR!!!


Sent my email, Ultimate source coming in with the clutch!


Got my code. Shago 11 is godlike. Thank v much @ultimatetoy


Played with his new color a bit, it looks pretty solid. But I wonder why this color was released but not any of the other characters. Will that effect Shagos transition to the new lighting with his colors?