Color 11 FREE for Limited Edition Shadow Jago owners


Limited means there are no more color 10 codes…


Color 10 was the limited incentive, this is just a courtesy to those who bought in and got the special version. Color 10 is not available anymore.


Got mine already. Thanks @UltimateToy


Yeah, this happened to me too.


See now this is how you do things, one post addressing everyone’s questions, comments, and concerns. I didn’t buy LE Shago but great job Ultimate Toy Source for addressing consumer needs.


I think I’m gonna stop looking on this thread. I’ve got no card and I haven’t figured out what the the blessed an order name is. Welp.


Thank you for listening @UltimateToy


Holy crap, thanks so much @UltimateToy!

Sent my pic and my name, now I shall sit back and await amazingness.


Luckily I never delete my emails. :smile:

hopefully they get back me by the end of the day.

EDIT: Got mine in about an hour. Definitely earned a returning customer.


SUPREME VICTORY! Ultimate Toy owns again! Sending you that email guys and gals. Thanks for everything.


Very cool!

Now on to the international order situation


Got mine, thanks @UltimateToy. You guys rock, and I will be doing business again soon. Hope Cinder is in the plans for Wave 2.


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Depending on their business hours, you may get it tomorrow. But they have for the most part been very quick, I got my reply in a matter of maybe 2 or so hours.


Just got mine, thanks a ton @UltimateToy I just wish all of Shadow Jago’s colors 3-9 had been this good.


Yeah they’re replying is great. I just sent them a random email asking for a color 11 code even though I didn’t own LE Shago and they still replied so grade A response times.


Got mine! Extremely thrilled with this turn of events. :sunglasses:


Do you have the box for your figure, that might work. Alternatively, if you explain your case, take a screenshot of your Color 10 Shadow Jago and give your human name that was involved in the order they’ll probably help you out.


Ah, kk. Thank you. I don’t have the box, so I’ll take a pic of both the figure and color 10 as evidence.


Sent my email two hours ago still waiting…