Cinder Help: How to be "Burnier"

Like the title says made this topic for folks who can get help from the veteran Cinder players on some advice on how to be the most fierey hot head in KI. I encourage other Cinder players to share their input as well.

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Hopefully. I’d love to be “Burnier”. Lol. I’ve always liked Cinder, but he (in a way) Kinda intimidates me, to the point where I don’t know where to start, or what to do.

Not to fret :smiley: I’ll hunt ya down some info on Cinder’s basics.


You’re the best!

If you need anymore help, I’ll try to help to the best of my ability.

Keep in mind you can manual a light punch after a heavy auto double. For example,medium fissure,heavy AD,lp,mp,hp launches,jump,triple or double trailblazers up,recapture,manual,ender.


Let’s share us some battle strategies for some match-ups shall we?

To start: here’s my battle strategy against Glacius. Who from my experience is one of the hardest MU for Cinder.
The reason for his difficulty: People claim Glacius is weak, and that having no das makes it hard from him to stay away. I don’t know about you guys, but to me that fellow has never fought Glacius as Cinder before or is really lucky.
Glacius’ defenses are really strong in the right hands and it’s most apparent against Cinder. You have to be careful about your moves. Like trailblazer which can be stuffed by hail of all sorts. Cinder doesn’t do alot of damage either, so Glacius can bull-dose you flat if you’re not careful. here’s three strategies I know:

(FYI these titles are all just for humor)

Option1: Frosty the Coward (A Glacius that stands way back and tries to zone you out)
From my experience though the best way to fight Glacius works as simple as this: Get in his face, but most times Glacius will want to stay back, so here’s what you can do and it’s based on how your enemy Glacius reacts.

Firstly use the pyro-bombs: one strategy to fighting Glacius is to stick him with your bombs, many times Glacius will want to stay back, when you fight a Glacius un-familiar with you. Make it clear to them that if they stay away, you’ll stick em’ with pyro-bombs and upon activation you’ll explode the bombs and make them hurt if they don’t block them. Once they realize this they will more than likely sit and go on block, hoping you’ll activate the bombs. Be careful because even as you approach Glacius can still whack you. And if you suspect they do anything but crouching and holding back, activate the bombs and hurt them if they make any sudden moves. Once you’re about mid-range activate the bombs and use the block stun to move in. if they tried something and your bombs ended up launching them in the air upon activation, go after em.

The whole point of this strategy is you need to use your bombs to make them ease up so you can get close. The main goal is so it’s easier for YOU to get close to him. Now when you get there, be careful of wake up-attacks and cold shoulders. Take advantage of Glacius’ recovery frames and curbstomp that ice-cube into the ground.

Option2: The Agro-Snowman.
Sometimes Glacius won’t always stay back and this can work in your favor.
Let’s say you get a Glacius that KNOWS about strategy one; does Glacius approach you, using liquidize to avoid the bombs? well this is a good thing if you’re careful. If you manage to stick a few bombs on Glacius wait for him to get close enough to try something but be ready to block just in case, if he jumps activate the bombs and go after him. Sometimes Glacius will just go all out agro and shoulder charge towards you. In this case, I would be weary about throwing bombs. because what is gonna happen here is he can hit you while you’re doing the animation. If he does pepper him with some inferno. Or just let him come to you, block his cold shoulder and sneak in some quick normals and cancel that into a combo.

As Cinder anything Glacius will do or what you can do to get closer is a good thing and if you’re careful about his defenses, wake-ups, etc. you can dominate him.

Option 3: Fried Ice-Cubes.
Let’s say you got Glacius in a combo and you wanna do some damage, what do you do? well you can use your burn-out enders and there’s two variations: down,back, kick variation, and down-back punch variation: Punch variation lights the torso on fire, the kicks like the lower-half on fire. here’s the breakdown:

Top: any moves or attacks that require a punch fan the flames.

Bottom: any moves that require a kick fan the flames.

If you have Glacius cornered, light his feet on fire: puddle-punch and cold shoulder all require kick buttons and since they’re decent for close combat, Glacis will either have to block and do nothing, or attack and fan the flames, OR do moves that will make him easy to hit (like hail) OR wait for a combo-breaker (in this case I get a counter-breaker or do a combo he wouldn’t expect to break)
If you do not have Glacius cornered light his hands on fire-instead. Because he’ll be pushed away from you if you don’t have him cornered which gives him room to zone. But by lighting his hands on fire you’re telling him to think twice about it. At this point he’ll either go agro-snow man on you or zone anyway and fan the flames, or sit there and do nothing and let you get close. Which calls back to using options one or two depending on what Glacius does in reaction.

Those are what I know. What strategies do any of you guys have to share?

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In case you didn’t know, you can recapture opponents after combo breaking:

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Doesn’t anyone who has a recapture can do this.

Kan-Ra and Maya can’t. I’m not sure if Wulf or Shago can.

Can’t Maya do Shadow Daggers into recapture? Can’t Kan-Ra shadow whirlwind after the combo breaker into instinct?

Can’t Maya do Shadow Daggers into recapture?

I’ve never seen that done right after a combo breaker. I’ll have to give that a try.

Can’t Kan-Ra shadow whirlwind after the combo breaker into instinct?

I’ve never seen this either and its hard to believe. His shadow whirlwind is so inconsistent with recapturing anyway.

I’m pretty sure that shago can recapture off a combo breaker too

Wulf totally can too.

Sweet stuff dude! great work!

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Doesn’t wulf need shadow meter to recapture?

I think Cinder is an interesting case because all he needs is his instinct bar. Cinder’s setup up is more resource friendly than the other chars.

It does. A recapture is still a recapture though. Shago needs meter to do it too.

Riptor can do it without meter.

Can Riptor recapture right after a combo-breaker?

Yes, but I won’t get too into it since this thread is about Cinder.

Basically, you can use normal Tail Flip to recapture.

Ok, I just tried it in the lab with Riptor.

She can only recapture after combo-breaking if she popped instinct AND use a Shadow Tail Flip. A regular Tail Flip doesn’t recapture after combo breaking.

That’s the difference I’m trying to put emphasis on. Cinder only needs instinct and doesn’t need Shadow meter to recapture after combo-breaking. Other chars need both.