Cinder Help: How to be "Burnier"

You’re doing it wrong. Just saying.

Then show me. Otherwise I think that you’re kinda full of it.

I’m so late to this, but this video that you posted is like a HUGE

I told you so. :laughing:

I stand corrected then. I apologize.

So this isn’t unique to Cinder. I just tried it with Kan-Ra’s heavy whirlwind and TJ’s medium shockwave.

EDIT: I thought I posted this weeks ago! I apologize that the apology is so late.

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I’m by no means a pro, but I can offer some anecdotal advice. I find myself wanting to get in, and his best way to do that is that trailblazer move; but its not the safest way to do this. So when I find myself being out-footsied in neutral, I can often get better results by falling back and annoying people with bombs. Its not a failsafe tactic, but for me it grants me the time to rethink my strategy to get damage while irritating my opponent. Plus you get the chance of a flamed up bomb juggle into a recapture as a potential bonus =)

Just my $0.02

That’s generally what I go for right off the bat. Unless my enemy wants to get in close and in tha case;quick normals into combo all day

I apoliogize for double posting but I have an update for you folks in the Glacius MU.

One particular attack you may have trouble with is Glacius Icicle kick of doom. After years of frustration I have a solution for this issue, albeit you may need to time it.

Jump in the air and press light kick as Glacius jumps. Most Glacius I fight that jump away typically spam this attack alot. So what you should do is jump in the air and press light kick. If you time it right, you beat them out every single time till they eventually stop.