Character Backstory - The Secrets of the Tiger


His new move is called Endo Duke Nukem and shoots pigs and strippers


Insta-main forever.

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The new kiai when executing this new move:

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as he purges the demon within, his soul returns stronger than ever. Giving birth to the holy Tiger Spirit. Well played Gargos, with Omen possessing Jago you made the monk much stronger than before! lol


Thats what i wanna know as well


As he wasn’t strong enough before :smirk:


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Love this story!! Thanks IG!

I like how it ties several parts together in one cohesive flow forward to where he’s at now and how he got here. I’m curious about him being abandoned as a child. Makes me wonder if a parent with similar powers/capabilities could be coming down the road. That part of his story certainly has potential.

Am I the only one hoping that he somehow ends up with Kim Wu? She’s a guardian and he’s this sort of corrupted soul trying to purge the evil within. I dunno, guess I’ll have to wait and see how her story plays out.

Regardless, I really do hope that these stories that are being shown here end up in the game, whether in the dossier for each character or in some other story-accessible mode or menu. A lot of players really dig this stuff and it’d be a shame if it were only accessible on the website and not in the actual game itself.

So his endokuken…

For one thing, I’m really happy that they’re adding to him a bit. I was kinda hoping they’d add a little action on to his wind kick so it’s not just a “fly forward with one leg out” kind of static move, but I guess that’s more of an appearance thing than a utility thing.

But if they change his endokuken, I wouldn’t mind seeing:

Great idea. Being able to throw two would be nice, and if he’s sacrificing instinct, I’d kinda like to see these projectiles have a little more power to them. I wouldn’t want him to get health back like he does in instinct mode though. As that seems a bit OP (being able to regain health any time you want, even if it costs instinct meter).

This is probably my favorite idea that I’ve seen. Being able to charge his endokuken would be cool. Maybe allow him to hold it, you get a visual indicator that it’s charged, and he releases a larger endokuken that hits twice and does twice as much damage as a normal endokuken. It’d be nice if he could cancel out of the charge as well. I’d like this endokuken to be dark red because, ya know, aesthetics.

This would be great from a utility standpoint. I like this idea a lot.

As for my own ideas:

I mentioned in a post a long while back that it’d be cool if his fireballs had different properties depending on which strength was used.

LP: Regular fireball with current MP level speed.
Charged LP: Regular fireball that travels at slower than current LP speed.

MP: Green fireball with current MP level speed.
Charged MP: Green fireball with current FP level speed. If it hits, it poisons opponent and drains white damage and slows them down for four seconds.

FP: Red fireball with current FP level speed.
Charged FP: Two red fireballs travels at MP level speed. Hard knockdown on hit. Does 2.5x the damage of a normal FP level fireball.

Honestly, it doesn’t really need to be as complicated as I’ve made it here. Maybe LP is just a slow fireball, MP is his poison fireball that does a few seconds of white damage afterward and FP is his damage fireball that moves fast and hits hard.

I’d still like to see him get the ability to charge his fireball, but in a game that moves as fast as KI does, I’m not sure how useful that’d wind up being in most situations. Either way, I’m curious what they’ll do. I can’t imagine it being a gigantic change, but anything they can give him will hopefully wind up being a fun, welcome change. Looking forward to it!

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do you have a better idea on how he found his “own tiger spirit” thing?


So every Monday a new story from a season 1 character comes out?


Too cool y’all! Sadira’s story can’t come quick enough!!


Cool backstory! Can’t wait to read what they cooked up to Sadira and know more about her past and such!


I don’t main Jago, so take what I say with a grain of salt, but this is the best idea I have seen in here so far. Allowing Jago to hold onto the endokuken to “charge it” provides an interesting new mechanic that has a risk/reward and wouldn’t just be change for it’s own sake. The issue with endokuken now (outside of his instinct) is that it is not all that fast to start up, and you can’t throw more than one because it is very easy for the opponent to “time it” and punish you. Frankly, they are not all that different in terms of speed so it doesn’t usually make much difference which one he throws out (the exception being Glacius, who’s floaty jump allows a light followed by a shadow endokuken to catch him in the air, and possibly Aganos because of his size…).

This could be combined with some of the other suggestions on here as well. Charging the fast endokuken makes it go faster. Charging the light endokuken makes it slower. Charging the medium doesn’t alter the speed, but could do something else - like increased damage or hitstun to allow a combo after hit (didn’t Jago’s original build allow you to combo off his endokuken?). In my opinion this would be self-balancing, since the charge means Jago is vulnerable to a quick reaction punish and therefore wouldn’t require any nerfs or other changes to preserve the game balance.

I hate the idea of pulling out the double fireball from his instinct. I know that adding ever more complex mechanics increases variety for people, but I don’t want to start having to manage my instinct meter more than I already do. I don’t want this to turn into a partial/full spending mechanic like the super meter in SF or MK’s X-Ray. Plus, borrowing abilities from his instinct mode doesn’t really add much, in my opinion. Why not just wait and pop instinct?

Other ideas, in order of how likely I think they are:

  1. Changes to the properties of his shadow endokuken (likely making it slower, or providing a variable speed or up angle)
  2. Making shadow endokuken larger, more damaging or able to open a combo
  3. Introducing a tiger spirit endokuken No Mercy/Ultimate like he had in KI2 (I’m surprised no one jumped on this already, although I think it is extremely unlikely).
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Yeah I agree, out of all the characters she’s definitely the most “bare” in terms of personality and backstory.


Oh look, I think I found Sabrewulf’s story. Must’ve leaked.


Awesome. Sounds like we might be seeing a new style to the fireball! can’ wait to see! maybe his endokuken may get a color change?

Or maybe this is an Ultimate? all speculation of course.


And were back, missed you IG

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Jago can currently combo (via manual) after endokuken.

As for charging fireballs… eh, I’m not really sold. I could only see it being used as an assist from full screen (a slow moving sonic boom-style thing); fireballs are already very reactable in this game, from almost all ranges, by almost everyone in the cast, so the amount of time you’ll have to set up an assist fireball is already pretty limited to a select few matchups and situations. And Jago already has meaty fireball setups, so I don’t think he gains a ton by being able to use this after a knockdown unless the assist fireball comes out and recovers immediately (which would be way too good of course).

I also don’t think it’s going to be “spend some instinct to do a double fireball”. I think it’s too similar to Fulgore (who spends pips to do multiple fireballs) and, while they are super excellent meter building tools, most of the time I’m hoping my opponent gets hit by them so I can go into a healing combo. I guess I can see them doing this as a way for Jago to keep himself at -2 instead of -6 (or whatever it is) during fireball pressure and also build a lot of shadow meter on block? Sort of like converting instinct meter to shadow meter? But because you can never activate instinct unless it’s full, I can only ever see this being useful near the end of a match (when you know you won’t get a full instinct), which… I dunno, I guess could be cool. I’m just not entirely sure on giving Jago another way to remain at good frames up close (that’s already his specialty)… I’m struggling to come up with a theoretical way to use this tool except at the end of a match, because instinct is too valuable otherwise. Maybe if you lose round 1 with full instinct and you have that “dead zone” at the start of round 2 where instinct doesn’t do you much good? You can spend a bit of instinct to get some shadow meter back so that by the time you get hit enough for the healing to matter, you’ll have full instinct again (and now shadow meter to spend on it)?

Eh I guess I’m coming around on that double fireball idea. It would be really situational I think, though, which is fine… it means Jago can still be played “normally” most of the time with success (ie, it’s not a drastic reworking of a tool that will invalidate all your previous Jago knowledge).

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Well, from what it seems, It’s going to be a Buff of some sort.

Like you said, I can only see this happening in certain situations, like maybe Kan-Ra blasting the screen with Scarabs, or Aganos trying to poke you from afar. Using that assist fireball could protect you or use setups that could help, but only for certain people. Maybe for Sadira too, but that would take hard reads to do, as Sadira mostly is in the air dodging your Endokukens anyways. (Most of the cast can dodge fireballs well.)

I don’t think I understand this correctly. I might have overlooked something.

I’m sure it won’t be threatening to Jago players, but I have a hunch that it might be a buff to his Endokuken to where we see it more used in combos other than Instinct mode and Zoning. Maybe it will leave Jago at some sort of Advantage Frame or Something? Just a Speculation though.