Character Backstory - The Secrets of the Tiger


Very good! We were wrong about Kim Wu’s concept art or teaser on monday… But who cares, that’s still amazing backstory!


Glacius in two weeks I’m happy :smile:

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That was a rather interesting read thank you. As a fellow Jago main, I approve of this backstory.

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After Jago AND before Glacius, Sabrewulf :wink: :sunglasses:

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I’m sure it will blow your mind once you read it though.


FYI - made a change to the last bit in Jago’s backstory.

Jago’s quest to purge himself of the shadowy energy now encroaching on this world has drawn him to the burning light of Tiger Monk’s Endokuken. He hopes that by improving his mastery over this technique that he can save his friends, or perhaps even himself, from the coming evil.


The Endokuken will save us all. Thanks!

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The Tiger Endokuken/Tiger Monk’s Endokuken/Tiger Warrior’s Endokuken: Jago’s savior, last glimmer of hope, AND last line of defense :wink:

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The Light of Jago will Purge and vanquish the Evil of Gargos! So HYPE! KI SEASON 3! LETS GO! :slight_smile:


Anyone else imagine the Spirit Ball on this description alone? :smile:


“Not knowing why such a thing was necessary, but confident in the wisdom of the spirit, he entered.”



Along with the aid/help of Kim Wu the Dragon Guardian by Jago the Tiger Warrior’s side :wink: GET HYPE! THE HYPE IS REAL! KILLER INSTINCT SEASON 3 HYPE! ALL ABOARD THE KI HYPE TRAIN NOW! :sunglasses:

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I’ll give you a like for the only gameplay-related post in this thread so far.


I was right! Jago defeated Shadow Jago!

I don’t know how I feel about all the hermit cave stuff, but I’m gonna give it some time to marinate.

Question…soo is the first tournament (KI1) canon again? Or are we to believe Jago defeated Orchid in season one AND then began globe hopping after becoming Shadow Jago…also in season 1?


Is he throwing that Endokuken with two hands in the picture?

Also it might be the light from the Fireball but is that colour 2 Jago or an entirely new colour?

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New techs!!! :slight_smile:


That sounds like the light one is slow enough to use as an assist. I also thought it would be cool if he could delay the startup and maybe dash cancel it (since nobody else can do that yet?).

But if I know IG, I’d guess it’s something like “Jago doesn’t throw Endokukens anymore. Now Endokukens throw Jago! Innovation!”


This is awesome. Love that were getting a re cap of what’s going on with each character.
I know it’s a lot to ask but this wold be a great addition to the season 3 story mode. Season 1 and 2 characters could have a recap of what’s happened and their current objectives. Even if it was just a narrative before you start over some stills of the game.
A history mode would be great too. It could have the narratives, cinematics, model and accessory viewer built in. Something good to bolster the game.
Can I just say that maya has THE worst secret headquarters other that a bond villan. Everyone and their cat seems to know where it is and has turned up.
I wonder if jagos fireball honing has produced his ultimate? It could engulet and cremate his opponent.
Gives me hope that in thunders story his objective with aganos is finding Eagle. Hopefully he’ll turn up this season. Maybe even playable.
I know this is all conjecture but reading this 1st thing this morning had my head swimming with ideas.


This only tangentially related but… :boy: doesn’t the hair on the emoji look like Jago’s hair? or is that just me…?

Jago’s quest to purge himself of the shadowy energy

This kinda leads me to believe the change will be more about his Shadow Endokuken than his regular one.


That would be super cool… maybe a more powerful endokuken with both hands that he can use only when he is in instinct mode :open_mouth: