Character Backstory - The Secrets of the Tiger

The time has come! We know you’ve been eagerly awaiting information to slowly start trickling out, so we’re starting with an in-depth look at our first character, Jago, and diving in to a more in-depth look at his backstory.

Check out the full details about Jago here:


YES! My Main finally has his backstory! Woo!

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Coolio! Really happy to finally get some closure on the whole Jago/Shadow Jago/Omen thing! Can’t wait to hear more!
Better Endokuken? Hmmmm I’m curious!! O.O

Nice little Hint on the Endokuken. Fun stuff! Can’t wait!


Additionally, with each character update we’ll also highlight an upcoming change that character is receiving (or we’re considering) as part of the season 3 rebalance.

Hmmm so we’re not finding out about the balance changes with the backstory updates? I see the ‘tease’ about his fireball, but I thought these updates were going to cover the changes in depth, one character at a time? Each one will be a tease of a possible change then?


Will these little stories be added to the game proper in the Fighter Section?


This is really cool but um, when’s Shago?

so, Jago’s official story is now KI1 prologue + “killed a man in self defence” + his story from the KI comics + a recap of his role in S2 story mode.

I like it. It ties with everything we knew about him and forms a mashup of the different sources from 1995 + 2013 to form a single canon.

Nothing new about him really, so let’s wait for the next character.


I know I’m going to love reading this stuff every week.

His endokuken is improving, though? That’s…seemingly unnecessary, but I guess it will be more clear when the new characters are revealed.

Good to hear more backstory… I like it. Looking forward to Thunder, definitely need more backstory on him and his tribe, and how his brother got caught up in the Ultratech scheme.


SWEET, some teaser stuff!!!

OK… What would Jago need if he’s a core-balanced archetype and we’re getting a “freak” that can so easily eat specials??

Well, since he can “Around the world” for bonus Instinct build and is considered one of the best Instincts for regenerating health so damn efficiently with full resources…

Burn Instinct to throw a 2nd/2-hit Endokuken, similar to being in Instinct.

It’s hard to fathom if it’s too powerful to be able to toss a 2nd FB at a different speed/strength but it definitely seems like a super sweet move to seemingly always have in one’s pocket. The single 2-hitter… Possibly mo’ powerful.

If I’m wrong, he’s getting a Sakura-like anti-air (ranged) FB :smiley:

Thanks for the trickle KI team.

That’s actually a good guess. If that happens, Jago players will need to rely on mind games to get that full damage confirm. Interesting. Being a Jago main, It would be an interesting change, but with interesting changes also comes interesting results!

That backstory was so good and fun to read, I can’t wait for the rest! This is easily the next best thing to a full-blown story mode :closed_book:, especially if they do it with all of the characters!

Thanks, IG! :smile:


I patiently wait for Sadira’s story.
And i can think of 2 things that would “better” his Endokouken

  1. Like @thyReaperMC said prior, Burn a little Instinct to throw a second one. How i would do this, is have someone input the motion+command again (maybe even one of a dfferent strength) to do it. This would indeed make it slightly more complicated, but you’ll have a second fireball (maybe one of a stronger power or faster speed) and cost a small amount of Instinct.
  2. Make each strength chargeable? And make the Faster one go faster, and stronger one to hit harder? He doesn’t necessarily need an anti-air FB since he has a DP… but an anti-air FB could be safer and not almost guaranteed to counterhit on incoming.
    Just my thoughts on it
    EDIT: The second input motion is to prevent accidental button presses to throw another FB (if it is a second button press to throw another FB). Then again, this is all speculation and are theories, so they could all be false

Is this Eventually going to get merged with the Jago Section, or stay here in the News?

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Improved Endokuken? Does that mean we’ll see a return of his old Jolly Green Super Endokuken from the classics? :0
Also. I agree with @Filemoncio that the incorporation of both classic and new lore is awesome.

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Oh nice, the KI tournament is in the story again. All fighting games need to be about tournaments, so this is a welcome revelation.

tbh, I’ve never been too impressed with Jago’s fireball in neutral. I mean, fireball wars in the mirror are a bit of a thing; otherwise it’s terrible against most characters you’d fantasize about zoning out (Wulf, TJ, Orchid, Riptor…) whilst being okay against Glacius (a matchup which probably favours Glacius), Thunder…it feels like a Street Fighter move in a game that makes a lot of Street Fighter moves look kinda wussy. Obviously the move has its uses in pressure and combos and whatnot, though.

One thing I’m wary of is that they could intend to buff endokuken at the expense of the horizontal space control exerted by a safe unreactable wind kick. If they used endokuken to compensate for dropping either of those keywords (or if they applied any other nerf, really), I’d probably be pretty disappointed. It could turn the neutral game into just fishing for crMK’s forever, which isn’t as interesting – and hey, if that’s your thing, why don’t you just go off and play Street Fighter?

Something I’d like is a slower light endokuken. It’d allow you to use it as an assist to wind kick ahead of (which you can barely do now), and it’d probably improve Jago’s pressure a little. It might be too good, though.


Yes! Finally! The VERY 1st bio/profile info AND backstory for the VERY 1st KI character from Season 1 and overall from the ENTIRE (current) KI cast/roster, Jago :grinning: :smiley: :smile:

Also excellent, awesome, cool, and neat bio/profile info AND backstory for the VERY 1st KI character in the ENTIRE (current) KI cast/roster, Jago :sunglasses:

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Jago first? Cinder’s probably gonna be near the end. Damn.

Him or ARIA for that particular case

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