Character Backstory - The Secrets of the Tiger


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Jago can currently combo (via manual) after endokuken.
[/quote]Yes, that’s true, so I guess I should be more specific. In the very early builds of the game wasn’t it possible to combo full screen off of an endokuken by following it with a wind kick?


Maybe He gets a Jumping Endokuken, which helps him control the air.Of course he will keep the varying speeds when using different strengths. Or He can use two meters to do a Ryu-mvc/Goku-kame… type super endokuken that takes up all mid screen Ala Fulgore’s beam. Just brain storming.


Isn’t Shadow Jago getting a jumping Endokuken? If Jago is getting this as well, I’d have to see how it is used in a match. Hitting someone in the air with an Endokuken as Jago, you really can’t continue a combo unless you have instinct, or you finish it with a Tiger Fury. I’m sure Shadow Jago has some sort of way to use the Jumping Endokuken properly. (Such as his Instinct, where he needs to hit a person with an Endokuken or Dash past them in order to start the Shadow Meter Sharing)


Doubt it. Shadow Jago can already do that apparently.


It’d be cool if they mixed it up a bit but most likely.


If you die with full instinct in round 1, you can’t really use instinct at the start of round 2 (because you have not been damaged and have no use for healing). So most Jago players just kinda… sit on instinct for a while until they lose a bit of health, otherwise they run the risk of activating it and getting no benefit at all (and if you get hit while doing this, you’ll probably also not get instinct back before the end of the match).

I guess I shouldn’t say “no benefit”. You can use instinct as a screen freezer to avoid a mixup and you can gain a ton of shadow meter by forcing people to block double fireballs (and maybe land a throw into a 2-meter unbreakable for 35%). Compared to the benefit of healing health, though, I don’t think it’s a great use of instinct.

If this double fireball idea existed, in this situation, Jago could spend a small bit of this “useless” instinct at the start of round 2 to get some shadow meter, and then have full instinct after taking a few hits when he will want to use the healing part.


Ok. I understand now. Your right. Playing as Jago, there are times, where I get down to the Second round without having a chance to use my instinct, so it would be absolutely pointless to waste my Instinct if I really don’t need to use it, since I still have my second health bar.

Sacrifice a bit of instinct in order to gain shadow meter, for instinct later? That would be a very interesting change for Jago! Nice Theory!

Thanks for clearing that up Infil! :grinning:


maybe we’ll get KI2 endokukens: a fake one with QCF + K, and a red one that costs meter and beats projectile invincible moves.

Whatever happens, I hope his endo turns green like in KI1


This is probably the most plausible speculation I could see happening.


You gotta love KI’s art direction. That’s probably the sexiest projectile I have ever seen.


And one of the most badass too :sunglasses:

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Omg I love these. I loved how you tied all the past KI games and comics together for his bio! It feels really deep.



I think any trailer for Kim will be on a Thursday or Friday


That’s a pretty cool backstory recap, though it is a little straightforward. One thing I’m curious about is where in the timeline does it take place that Jago was meditating in his temple stage, wrecked the place and built his attire from the stuff lying about?

Very pleased to hear Jago’s gameplay tweak sounds like he’ll focus a bit more into his Endokuken (a super fun looking and sounding special move), I just hope it’s not by pushing into unbreakable fireball juggles even more :S

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I can probably assume that it was while he was trying to purge himself of Gargos’ influence.

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Interesting… Very very interesting o:

Maybe… Though it might be TOO obvious. I’m pretty sure Kim’s story will be completely different than Jagos until like the very end of the showdown. xD; LIke 2 different purposes later joined altogether maybe.


Jago’s light fireball is actually already plenty slow. Not really sure how they’d plan on making it better either - it serves its purpose reasonably well, can be combo’d from, and is generally pretty versatile, not to mention recovers quickly outside of instinct. It’s issue is more that so much of the cast just has ways to completely negate not just his fireball, but any fireball really.

The two fireballs for instinct is interesting, but actually makes jago quite a bit less safe than he is throwing out a normal one.


This is a beautiful backstory, kudos to you KI. I love it!


Overall, I’m OK with that as the FB is such a viable tool when not used to just zone. The Endokuken is being used as the Art of War’s “Use of Fire” philosophy (distraction), not a direct offensive one.

Light FB’s from near full screen are my most often tossed as they are a great pressure tool to initiate a jump or block, and therefore MY options from there. I can also follow with dashes on retreating opponents waiting to a DP or WK (and with Shadow, ANY mistake.)
It’s also good for a piece of armour against the majority of specials.
… And of course building Shadow.

True, it’s a SUPERB battery ender, and it seems like the go-to Instinct string due to its use. But unfortunately, it’s a one-track strategy in using Jago’s Instinct now.

On the one hand, of course I don’t believe in one-track strategies. On the other, I think the idea of using Jago’s ki to steal lifeforce from his opponent fits lore and mechanics much better together than “simply” maintaining offense pressure.

That’s why I believed it’s possible. Jago is a core-balanced type… What could be subtle yet useful and relate to his lore while also allowing him to be played without knowing “Uh oh, here comes the Endokuken Health Recovery Combo.” every time the versus screen appears?

It’s been highlighted quite well why it’s a possibility :slight_smile:

(… But I am soooo liking forward to Shago, his FB’s and dash!)


I actually think it might be Spinal and or Gargos himself. IMO. What better way to end Kim’s story, as she is caught in a death battle between the ultimate boss herself? Plus, her ancestors are the ones that locked Gargos away, so even more drama that Gargos acknowledges. He knows she is the Descendant. And he tells her that her blood line stops there…

#DUN DUN DUN! :smile:

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