Character Backstory - The Secrets of the Tiger


Some people (UltraChen, I think) have noted that SFV Ryu in V-trigger can use fireball charging to stagger fireballs, making opponents land on a fireball they expected to clear. I find that Jago can already stagger them well enough by mixing up strengths, though.

Anyway, I think we’re going to some pretty esoteric places in fireball design space, and not coming up with anything all that compelling. It leads me to believe that maybe the normal fireball isn’t going to see much in the way of substantial change.

What I am thinking, is that it’d match the hype they’re trying to drum up here if Jago got either a super endokuken (which you might spend two stocks of shadow, or full instinct, or both, on?), or an endokuken-based ultimate or no mercy. In particular, a fireball you could only throw when your opponent is in danger mode that instant kills on hit could add something interesting to the late game.


Part of me wants that to come true!

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Yeah but fireballs serve a much different purpose in a SF game than in KI. Your options for avoiding fireballs in SF are basically just neutral jump, forward jump, or block (or counter with your own fireball if you have one); some characters in SFIV had amazing EXes to go through fireballs on reaction (Fei Long, Cammy among them, which is why you never, ever throw fireballs against them and it’s one of the reasons they are nightmare matches for Ryu/Sagat), and SFV is changing this a bit with some v-skills that absorb or somehow avoid projectiles but it looks like most of them will have low active frames, so throwing off the timing of your “parry” would be good. But what it really means is that, in traditional SF games, trying to bait jumps with fireballs is super viable.

In KI, you just do a full screen projectile invincible move on reaction with those five zillion stocks of shadow meter you always have available. If anything, Jago holding a fireball just gives you more time to react and blitz right on through. Only from super peak max range would you be able to get one away (and even then, never against Glacius, Kan-Ra, TJ, probably others), and then I don’t think it would serve you any good.


What do you think the implications of a fireball feign/cancel would be?


I’m cool with Jago getting his Red Endokuken back.

I think S3 will get Supermoves/Ultimates and a big fireball is Jago’s.


Maybe he’ll gain health in Instinct from hitting projectiles now? I don’t see how Jago’s Endokouken could be improved further.


Maybe an endokuen that he throws behind him that appears behind you forcing you to come into the pressure. sort of like Raiden from Mk


I want that to happen!

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Denjin Endokuken? Three hits and unblockable at full charge? Enough hitstun to combo with? It charges faster in Instinct? That would be pretty cool I think.


Considering all the Jago’s I’ve been fighting today it doesn’t seem like he needs it.

Personally I’d hope that this is some kind of attack that will create all kinds of hype or maybe as some form of Ultimate.


Considering all the experience that Jago has gained in this story, i think a change of look and hopefully color from blue to black can be made for the monk.


Lol I applaud your persistence about this.


Can you blame me?

I played the KI arcade in 1994 where i saw jago wearing black with red or a yellow sword cloth holder thingy as default. when a tech support dude went to change the rom chip and hard drive, his black color was replaced with blue color gear.

Cinder’s desert roof top became real short for a building and eyedol’s color was changed from green to brown.


At most you can already pic that color from one of his costumes.

Personally I think in relation to his Endokuken I wouldn’t mind if it changed to green but hey I wouldn’t be crossing my fingers on that either.

But if this is about his Endokuken we can expect something interesting coming out of this



GOD PLEASE if they have ultimates added to season 3 I will personally give my free services of art to Microsoft and as well my soul.

Orchid firecat or super ichi ni San shocker ultimate OMG


Cool down there, buddy. No need to sell your soul just yet (or ever, really)…


So Jago is getting a kamahameha/shinku hadoken? Sweet!

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we still don’t know but I’d like to see that.


Imagine if Jago got a kamehameha style super endokuken that got back all his health bar at the cost of draining all his instinct bar. But if he misses, he is left with only 10% health. Or it could just be an ultimate in which he vaporizes the opponent straight into space in a similar fashion as when gohan defeated cell.

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That’s a little excessive to get tons more health. Something Jago will definatley not need even if he drains what litlte instinct meter he has.

I’d like the idea of vaporization though. Honestly though we won’t know until later. fingers crossed though.