Character Backstory - The Secrets of the Tiger


Anyone fr a true monk attired jago? red orange cloak coat, bald head, barefoot, cane?

A younger skin from his teachings of the monks think airbender avatar

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what about this:

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Maybe Jago will get a new Fireball variation like Akuma with QCF-K inputs?


Nice, kept to the roots of Jago’s story and implemented some new things that don’t outweigh his image by any means. I’m so glad Jago was the first too lol, would’ve drove me nuts to have to wait for his origins/backstory. I also can’t wait to hear Cinders, Hisakos, and Aganos!

I have some suggestions in regards to some possible Endokukens…

Normal attacks
HP Endokuken: Three hits, knockdown, deals good potential damage on block.

MP: Two hits, stuns opponent ONCE for setup or potential manual.

LP: One hit, stuns opponent for setup or potential manual, similar to Mayas.

One stock: Five hits, heavy knockdown, deals great potential damage and can be charged for even more potential damage on block.

Two stocks: Ten hits, heavy knockdown, deals massive potential damage
on block, can be charged for an unbreakable that does good damage and
good potential damage, can cash-out potential damage on full charge.


I don’t know if I necessarily like these suggestions as written, but the idea of multiple hits and hit stun is something that definitely could be explored.


Well, as I see it, the main downside would be balancing it. Lets say this was implemented, not only would Jago increase ten-fold in his zoning game, but it would change his character and the way we are accustomed to using him, probably make him way too hard for the rest of the cast.

I still like the Shadow suggestions, but when I think of his normal’s, they are too much.


Maybe we can finally Zone out people properly with Jago…Fulgores, watch out! :wink:


You don’t need to be out-zoning anyone. especially when you’re just as good in close quarters. If you wan to zone, than prepare to suffer Close quarters >=D checks and balances!

I kinda agree. Jago goes well as the balance type as it because his fireball is a decent enough zoning tool and if it’s ever broken through Jago still has strong attacks at close to back him up.


LOL OK. Good point.


It’s just time to give Jago his true and favorite classic moves

Green fireball
Slide (even if it’s only in an ultimate )
His bow for respect

On the ultimate or ultra front it’s high time they got at least two to choose from, just saying like SF4 had chooseable taunts


I was going to say, Jago is a pretty poor zoner. You throw one fireball and immediately get mauled like the sitting duck you are while the fireball sails off screen.

Anyway, here I thought the fireball design space had been explored pretty thoroughly without any compelling changes coming to mind, and then you suggest some pretty decent ideas. Kudos to you. :slight_smile:

Lately I’ve been exploring stMP and stHP into fireball. I knew the latter was useful, especially in the corner or in fwd+HK range when your opponent has bar and you don’t want to risk a shadow counter. The former, though, also has its uses: there are some frame traps that you want to close with stMP, but obviously a laser sword cancel won’t connect, and you don’t necessarily want to plonk yourself in front of them at -3 with the medium wind kick you have to use to connect. I’ve found that cancelling to medium fireball can push me back to neutral on block, and on hit the fireball will (usually) connect and you can maybe even link a stHP or stHK after. It’s breakable if it becomes commonplace, but nevertheless this sort of thing could be where Jago players have to go if they want to wring every last drop of expected damage out of their pressure (which is a pretty high priority for Jago mains). It also adds even more tight links to high-level Jago’s already extensive laundry list of tight links, which makes Jago both a pain in the arse to main and (whenever someone finally gets on top of all his stuff) an impressive spectacle to watch.

So, ideas that make it easier to link after endokuken seem pretty appealing to me. I’d also be interested in PD on block and knockdown on a hit from the heavy version, but I know better than to get greedy: I’ll just continue to reiterate that medium wind kick is completely fair, because if they nerf that (or any of Jago’s other key neutral tools), especially just to make his stupid fireball better, then they will have ruined Jago’s extremely fun mid-to-close-range neutral game, and I’ll never be able to experience anything like it in a fighting game again. :frowning:


He has a bow though…

It’s one of his time out poses


Liked for use of the forums fuzzy text tool.


I’m sure Shadow Jago wil already have that slide people seem to be missing so much.

That being said I wouldn’t mind if they take a moment to make Jago’s fireball green.


I think making it green would be the easiest thing in the world, if they wanted to do it. I think it’s just a design choice in their part.


The demon had gotten away, and Gargos’s return seemed inevitable.

Hello, first post after I lost my old account.

This confirms Gargos? YAY!

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It’s so easy which is why I’d expect it to be at the way bottom of the list priorities wise.

That’s been confirmed since season2 XD but hey welcome to the forums!


So they confirm Orchid is still his sister, but do not explain their reason for being separated. i never made the Star Wars connection, but shouldn’t Orchid be a little more stylish if she grew up in the City?

anyway, i am just baffled by the lack of a monastery inspired look for Jago as an alternate costume rather than Voltron mittens where is the excellence in design


she’s not so stylish I assume because she’s waging a war against Ultratech, so I guess in her own mind, practicality is more important than style. This is only an assumption.

Being siblings though it’s possible they got seperate at at a young age but I’m pretty curious about this myself. Perhaps Orchid’s story may explain it?


I would hope that their parents were once members of Ultratech.

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