Character Backstory - The Secrets of the Tiger


I think that this new move of Jago is his Ultimate Combo… :wink:


I hope the story does not turn very Mortal Kombat-ish.
As of now, season 3 already has:

Maya, from a secret organisation and her human allies (a monk, Jago, a military, Orchid, a celebrity, TJ, the night guard and orchids mercs (a monk, Liu Kang, a military, Sonya, a celebrity, Cage, the US army and the Lin Kuei)

Gargos and his army invading Earth through a portal (Shao Khan invading Earth with his army of outworlders)
Kan-Ra messing things up with his magic (choose your MK sorcerer)

I will not comment on how Spinal is a lost soul like Scorpion or that Eagle Fulgore is like human Cyrax in a way, because this was like that already in season 1. I simply hope their role in the story is not “Spinal knows the key to banish Gargos” and “Fulgoreagle is good and helps the heros out”

or even better “Kan-Ra / Shao Khan brings back from the grave Sadira/Sindel to be his zombie bride”

This last one would actually be kinda cool

S3 seems to be a story about epic transdimensional good vs evil and I hope it’s not like that, we’ve had enough stories about planet earth about to be destroyed.


What if Jago can Imbue his Laser Sword with an Endokuken Ki and the Sword becomes flaming and shining. A laser sword special after being imbued with a Endo would give the sword these properties.

  • One Charged slice ignores all Armor except Super Armor
  • Slices through one Projectile (even a Payload Rock)
  • Automatically launches opponent on hit for Instinct Fireball juggle
  • Gives meter and launch if saved and used at the end of a combo
  • Turns Laser Sword into a green attack box for One Slice
  • Can only be charged Once until the charge is used.


It’s funny how you can draw so many parallels and conclusions from 2 very different franchises, but I suppose if you dig deep enough, you can find them for just about anything…

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again - originality is dead. #dealwithit


agreed! :sunglasses:

To be honst KI had stuff like that from the start anyway. it’s a game from the 90s. many fighting games revolved around a tournament.

This was bound to happen with season 2 setting it up anyhow. I say we should all just sit back and enjoy what comes.
Only thing I believe we won’t have to worry to much about: T.J being the sole hero. as opposed to MK’s Johnny Cage.(which personally I thought that idea wasn’t a good one in the story)


I look forward to the day when people realize the parallels between Ki and Mk are not a coincidence.


Only good thing if they actually make a cgi short movie of the characters at least an INTRO damn

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Cage is the default white male of the game so, I guess they went “that” route.

Apart from Kano, who for obvious reasons can’t be the hero, is there any other male to fill Cage’s role? All other male characters are asian, black or alien

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You forgot American Indian.


[quote=“Filemoncio, post:128, topic:2000”]
Cage is the default white male of the game so, I guess they went “that” route.
[/quote]So after 9 other games where Liu Kang is the hero of the piece, suddenly they are racist for using Johny Cage?


I doubt that was the reason. A strange facto there but I think it was only because unlike much of the cast Jhonny’s almost about as normal as you can get. only other excuse I can think of is he and Sonya were techncally the only mortal survivors that were the good guys after the issue with Shao-Khan.

we can pick cherries about this all day but that’s a topic for another day.

With alot of fighting games it’s always possible you’ll find stories that parallel other fighting games. More than lijley it’s all coincidence.

[quote=“BigBadAndy, post:130, topic:2000, full:true”]

This points out an interesting logic. but again this is another topic.

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no, I did not imply racism. I implied trying to cater to a specific target audience.


You’re right. That was my word not yours. I just hate this kind of stuff. Forgetting for a moment that Cassie Cage was actually the hero of the piece, MK is pretty multicultural, even if many of the characters are exaggerated stereotypes. I just don’t see how the increased focus on Johnny Cage suggests they are suddenly (after 20 years) catering to a specific audience by having a white male protagonist.

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Well, I think it was to make up that Johnny got killed multiple times in the MK story. Lol. He kinda deserves it. Plus, Johnny is one of the more powerful characters in MK. So Imagine how powerful Cassie will be.

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Maybe by having a cinematic story mode where the hero is a tough american white male they think more people will try the game to kick ■■■ as Johnny.
It’s just a theory.

I felt that the the story bit of Cage’s family centered too much in their broken family affairs, I did not specifically feel like Johnny was the hero of MKX. But since @Jeffron27 went with it, I theorized a possible reason.



Isn’t this thread about Jago? Why are we talking about MKX?


To be honest…I don’t know.


That’s right! You know nothing Jon Sno… Stealthy Bir… No, that’s not right either… :sweat:


I’d love to watch Jago beat Johnny mercilessly.

That is all.

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They are both my mains. While I’d love to see that, I’d rather watch Johnny Nutpunch Gargos a couple of times, while Jago kinda just sits back. Lol :smile:

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