Board Gaming Thread!


That’s why I don’t play with the actual cards as much as I used to. Besides, where I live, it’s hard to find a regular group to play with without having to do a bit of traveling 1st. Instead, I’ve adopted to playing the game online, particularly with the Duels of the Planeswalker series on consoles and on PC - it’s user-friendly, is easy enough to find players online, has a lot of features/game modes, includes deck-building with the 2 newest iterations, and generally will only cost you about $10-$15 every 1 or 2 years (so it’s a money saver as well) assuming they’re not outright offered for free at some point (which they’ve already done with Magic 2013, albeit temporarily, and Magic Duels, which is completely free-to-play).


My shipment of the base game of Zombicide Black Plague should be arriving today or tomorrow. I know what I’m doing this weekend!

The rest of the stretch goals, bonuses, and the expansion are supposed to ship sometime in January or February, so it should be a nicely staggered boost to the game.


Having now played about ten games of Zombicide: Black Plague, I can tell you it is an amazing amount of fun! I’m still waiting on a paint set shipment so I can get to painting the miniatures, and the remaining Ks rewards should be coming sometime in February. If you’re looking for a fun, action filled co-op game, I would highly recommend ZBP.


I finally got to try Cards Against Humanity over Christmas break - my friend got it and we played it at his Christmas party. It was convulsingly funny.


I finally received my paints, and will be starting to paint all of the Zombicide miniatures. Would anybody be interested in seeing pictures of them as I complete miniatures or groups?


For anybody who was interested in seeing my painted miniatures, here’s a couple images of what I’ve completed so far;

Looking for "Shadow Lab" friends [Shadow Lords Update]

I hate to comment on an old post, but I just got around to reading this thread.
I don’t doubt Magic is a good game, it is, because I had a friend let me use one of his decks to teach me, but I never got into it.
I do find the comment you made about these other games is a bit insulting. As far as popularity, Yugioh is also worldwide, popular, and one of the best selling card games around. I would argue that it is the most popular worldwide.
Yugioh is certainly not a terrible game, and to dismiss it as such, especially the way you have just seems immature to me.


Be that as it may, I still stand by my opinion. Magic the Gathering didn’t have to rely on a Japanese anime cartoon or video game to become popular in the 1st place. :wink:


I’m not trying to change your opinion, it’s just that your comment came off as denigrating to other card games.
I get it, enjoy your cup of tea, but don’t try and make me to be inferior for enjoying mine.


If you enjoy it, then that’s all that should matter to you (regardless of what I, or anyone else, says). If you’re taking the time to defend the very thing you enjoy doing, then you’re likely wasting your time. Of course, I suppose I could say the same for myself (in that I’m wasting my time over-sharing my opinion on other things that I care nothing about), so I digress. Touché.


I get on the forum to pass the time, so I don’t think my time is wasted.

You came off as insulting and dismissive. That is all I’m saying. This thread is for discussion, and someone mentioned something that they liked, hoping to spark said discussion, only to be scoffed at.

I will enjoy what I enjoy regardless of what others say or think, it is only when ohers get in the way of my enjoyment that I have a problem.


Cool stuff man. I always wanted to get into paining miniatures, but just never did. I know it can be an expensive hobby, but they look so cool.


i got a bunch of warhammer 40k models ive done. i really need to finish! but its so much work and i have too many space wolves needing completion on top of tau, chaos boys, tyranids, necrons, and other things.

anyway…anybody ever play Hero Quest??? that game was sooo awesome!


Finished the basic Necromancer and basic Abomination!


You painted those? Looks Sick!


Thanks! I’m about… 15% done with a 72 miniature set, with something like 100-150 more minis coming in a couple months. I’ve been painting miniatures for tabletop war games for years, and I’ve managed to accumulate some decent skills, though there are SO many other people who put my stuff to shame. But it’s nicer than playing with bare metal or plastic miniatures.

The Zombicide miniatures are the first project I’ve taken on involving a board game, rather than an army which needs to look matching, so I’m experimenting with different color combinations I haven’t used before. I can display some of my painted Warmachine models here later tonight so you guys can see what those look like.


Just tagging you guys in here in case you wanted to share wargaming stories.

I was big into both WFB and 40k, but eventually sold off my stuff; I’m currently into Warmachine/Hordes, which in my mind is a lot more straightforward with rules, and easier to buy/paint/play with an entire army.


I already have $1000+ in 40k. My main army is Tau and I also have a few Grey Knights.

Just a picture of one of my hauls almost 2 years ago:

Starting top left: Riptide $85 > Hammerhead $60 > Devilfish $38> Crisis Suits $75 > Pathfinders $35 > Big Box is 1 Riptide, 6 Broadsides, and 14 Drones This is no longer sold but was $385

Total = $678 just in this picture.

And some models I’ve finished:

Fireblade Cadre


Overview of the Commander, some Crisis suits, the Fireblade Cadre, and some Firewarriors

Devilfish with Hammerhead Drones attached because it looked better for the picture.

I’m working on my Riptides and Broadsides right now.


I actually played Warhammer for a little bit. I was fun when my friend had it. :yum:


Google says you’re referencing the deck builder Dominion. I’m interested to hear about what I’ve heard is the largest deck builder, considering I know there’s a large amount of expansions to buy for it.