Board Gaming Thread!


Dominion is fun! But it’s a little old now, and you can probably find a lot of more interesting deck-building games within the last few years.

Also, Dominion plays a lot faster online than in real life, because the setup/teardown for it (with expansions) is pretty brutal. If you can find an online implementation of it, definitely give it a try.


The only deck-builder I’ve got personal experience with so far is Smashup!

It’s on the simpler end, but I like the back and forth between players each turn, and the combinations you can come up with using the different decks.

You basically take two types of sci-fi/fantasy creatures and mix the two decks together. So you can play Zombie Robots versus Wizard Ninjas, for example.


Getting back into painting my miniatures for Warmachine and the Zombicide Black Plague board game, thought it was worthwhile to revive this thread rather than making a new one.

Check out these models; my newest acquired Warcaster (leader) model and two Warjacks (essentially walking sentient steam/magic tanks)


Just figured I’d drop by and brag about a little crowning achievement of mine for tabletop gaming.

So a friend and I decided to play a bit o’ World of Darkness. (For those who don’t know, WoD is a tabletop RPG that uses exclusively D10’s for all rolls, be it stats, damage, save throws, or whatever, in an attempt to simplify the D&D format.) Now, first starting out I was under the impression that we’d be in a * classic fantasy* setting, so I set about making myself a barbarian woman because that sounded like a fun idea. Unbeknownst to me until a bit later, though, is that WoD campaigns tend to be predominantly modern in setting. I was already too deep to quit, so I decided to translate my amazon warrior into a modern character, wholesale.

And thus, Beth was born; all 6’6" of her. A natural all-star athlete who by all means could’ve gotten a full ride to any university in the country on sports scholarships alone… If she were a bit brighter. See, being originally designed as a barbarian character, she wasn’t the sharpest crayon in the box. Sure she had common sense and enough smarts to make it through most of high-school, but Beth wasn’t going to be winning any nobel prizes… Or spelling bees.

I’m going to have to dig out her character sheet one of these days, but the stats she wound up with her absolutely terrifying. Her strength was close to the maximum the starting level would allow, and her speed/initiative rolls would’ve made more sense if they were attached to a horse.
She also had an abnormally high level of charisma, mostly for intimidation checks. Of course, despite her own dominant personality, she wasn’t very good at deciphering truth from fiction, and was trusting to a fault.

Over the course of her escapades, Beth’s had some rather marvelous achievements. For example…
-After surviving a fall from a second story window, Beth ran a city block filled with zombies to take cover in a nearby Denny’s.

-Beth once broke a man in half with a single swing of a baseball bat.

-Beth no longer views Volkswagen Beetles as vehicles. Rather, she views them as projectiles.

In fact, her absurd acts of strength on the tabletop have led to her becoming my go to OC stand in for when I need to create a melee/anger focused character in video games, most prominently as my avatar in the Dark Souls franchise (where I cam justify her wielding an Ultra-Greatsword and a Havel’s Greatshield in unison), as well as Saints Row 4 and Sunset Overdrive.

Beth was a wonderfully serendipitous moment in my history tabletop gaming, and her legacy will live on in future gaming.


Found this a while ago, I cannot stop laughing :joy:


No big deal, just some more Warmachine painting progress.


Dude those are beautiful! What brand and paint type are you using?


Thanks! Currently I’m using a combination of Citadel paints and Army Painter paints and washes. I use them for both Warmachine and Zombicide stuff.

Are you working on any projects right now?


No, I don’t have the time for another hobby. Though, I do have miniatures for my Gears of War board game that I’ve been wanting to paint.

So looking at the art is giving me some cool ideas.


I recommend looking up the guides on the Army Painter website regarding basecoat->wash->highlight techniques. Washes are really thin ink/paints which help give shading and realism. If you look close at my brass and steel you can see they’ve been dulled down a bit using washes.


The paint jobs in these models are wonderful!


Thanks! Are you just checking out the pictures, or are you also into miniature painting?

I’ve got a bunch more that I’m working on, I’ll put up another set of pictures later in the week. One of which is a secret I’m working on for my best friend’s birthday later in the month. He plays a different faction than I do, but so far he hasn’t even attempted to paint any of his models. We’ve been discussing some color schemes and are planning to get together one night this week so he can start painting, and I’ve been secretly taking notes in my head.

I purchased a second copy of his favorite Warcaster (leader) model, and I’m going to take a break from painting my stuff to work on his piece. If he decides he likes the way the model looks in his color scheme, he can use it for inspiration as he works on the rest of his stuff. If he doesn’t, then he will at least know that without going through the trouble of buying and using the paints, and can focus on using a different set of colors.



Really love 5th edition. Our current campaign is going comically bad though- I guess to the point where we find it hilarious because we keep digging a deeper hole each session. I suppose we have a odd team configuration.

I play a half long Thief/Charlatan (Lawful Evil). His schtick is he lies. Very frequently. Only respects other Theives as his code. Unfortunately his charisma is not the best and he frequently relies on a large Half-Orc (almost inexplicably, Chaotic Good) to bail him out.

Battlestar Galactica

Really fun. The betrayal mechanic works to the point of being nervewracking. My favorite game but takes a long time to finish.

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Not a huge fan. Every time we play it’s comically lopsided. Twice the traitor won because of extremely lucky roll that auto-wins. You can actually see a ton of the scenarios where the traitors win condition is based on a roll, and the roll modifier goes up each turn- but still forgets it’s possible to get lucky early. Other scenarios it’s super possible for the team to accidentally sabatoge themselves just by accidentally discovering a certain room early, or conversely not exploring enough.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun. But it feels like you’re kinda just along for the ride and have little agency.


i paint 40k minis also, but man i am backed up hardcore on the models that need to get done. i got space wolves im working on, i also have chaos boys, i got orks, tau, tyranids, necrons, my head spinning with all the work i got piled up lol. im gonna get a couple of my gearhead friends to help out, so gonna give them the simple task of base coating so i can lay down some detailing action lol


That’s cool, you ought to share some pictures of your stuff here!

I used to play 40k Orks but I got tired of needing an absolute buttload of models, and I also don’t like how models become unusable between some versions. IMO Warmachine is so much more fun, you need less models and the rules are more straightforward and strategic.


My brother has an entire case of D&D, D20 Modern, Eberron, Pathfinder, and Star Wars minis - I should take a photo for you guys, if he’ll allow it. :slight_smile:

His red-dragon mini that sits over a foot tall on his bookshelf is particularly awesome.


Finished off Reinholdt, the goblin artillerist and the Kayazy Assassin Underboss.

The Underboss is an add-on piece for a unit of Kayazy Assassins; anti-infantry specialists who are nimble and hard to hit.

I recently finished the normal unit, so here’s a shot of the full unit with the Underboss. I think my color scheme works well, things feel unified.


Red Dragon mini:

Image found online of same mini my brother has (Chair is for scale)


i got em all in boxes, ill try to get pics of them whenever i get a chance. i barely started learning ink washing with them also, i should probably show my earliest work when i was a total beginner to where i last left off. also atm, im building an armored core mech. its the Rayleonard Aaliyah unit, it looks beast! im probably gonna paint it up after its done and make it look real flash. wish there were transfers included with fictional mech aftermarket companies that ive seen on other models but alas, i have none. wouldve made it look like a show room combat unit for rich bounty hunters/pilots


Girlfriend got me the original Dark Souls as an anniversary gift
God I love this woman