Board Gaming Thread!


I’ve been painting up some more miniatures; is anyone interested in seeing any more? I don’t want to bombard people with pictures if they’re not interested.


I want to! :grinning:


hell yeah!

also im looking to start priming up some of the models ive got stored. got so much work ahead of me lol


I’m not sure if these count for a board gaming thread, but some of my favorites have always been:

Clue Museum Caper
Clue Master Detective
Castle Risk
Go For Broke
Trivial Pursuit
Hugger Mugger

My lady and I have also gotten in to Splendor recently and really enjoy that. We also have a Game of Thrones board game that looks really fun, but we’ve never actually been able to play it lol. Watched a half hour long tutorial on just setting up the board and my head was spinning. :slight_smile: It looks fun though! One of these days, we’ll just get some people together and hammer it out and get through a game. After that, I’m sure it’ll be easy peasy.


Some more Warmachine pictures;


Thre company that makes Warmachine just retweeted a picture of my latest painted miniatures!




Completed my third Juggernaut warjack; I decided to try out an "ice"effect on the axe, as the axe is technically an ice weapon. I liked it enough that I went back to the other two Juggernauts I had already painted and repainted the axes in the same way!

The very first Juggernaut (1) was assembled in a very static, but menacing pose.

The second Juggernaut (2) is supposed to be in a pose as though he is either attacking with his axe or using it to parry an opponent’s strike.

For the third warjack (3, the one in the four pictures) I wanted to assemble it as though it was running or charging into combat, even though the warjack kit doesn’t really have parts to support that; I managed to modify the legs a bit and pose it in such a way that I think it fulfilled the desired effect.


Completed another Warjack today; Torch, the assault 'jack!

I posed him as though he’s triggering his left hand-mounted flamethrower!


Hey @xSkeletalx , get a load of this.



A few images of my latest-painted models. The human is a Warcaster called Harkevich the Iron Wolf. He is best run with lots of Warjacks with ranged weapons, as he can give them additional shots and keep them mobile.

The Warjack is called a Destroyer. It has an Executioner Axe (removes extra damage on models it hurts) and a mortar cannon which shoots AOE blasts.

My next project is a five-man unit of dudes in heavy steam-powered armor, armed with halberds and shields, as well as their attachment Officer.


I don’t really have anyone near me interested in board games as a hobby but hopefully that’ll change when some of my friends move nearby. Archipelago is a game that really interests me; I love the idea of its teeth-gritted, pseudo-cooperative nature, and there’s something about its very dark theme that’s packaged in cheery and colorful art that definitely appeals to me.


That sounds awesome. I wish I had friends that played more board games, lol.


i still got Mansions of Madness sitting in my closet, need to get a few friends to play this damn game! its really good from what i have seen. also bro and i went through our 40k paint supplies. soon as i get the other huge project outta the way im gonna start painting up some of Russ’ boys!


Please share some pictures, I’d love to see them.

Let me know if you’re interested in tips in case I have any to share when I see your minis!

How is 40k playing these days? I left because in order to reliably have a decent chance I had to play over 100 Orks on the table (plus tanks etc) and everything just stopped being fun.

I enjoy being able to carry my entire Warmachine army with me in one or two reasonable foam bags and needing less than 30 minis for a game.


Finished up the five man heavy infantry squad; the Officer is next up on my painting board - starting that tomorrow in hopes of finishing it before Sunday.


looks cool man :slight_smile:


looks very clean! you do ink washes? i started learning that when i last worked on my space wolves. man it adds so much dimension, its amazing. my wolves armor color kinda changed to a darker shade of blue-ish gray, kinda matches the artwork on their codex cover from a few years ago. i like it better than that baby blue tbh


Yeah, I have a few that I use - it makes a huge difference. The primary one I use is Army Painter’s Strong Tone, which is a dark brown wash. I have a few others, but this one gets used on cloth, skin, metals, even the bases to color the sand I glue down.

Washes work really well on anything, really. I don’t usually go a further step after washing, but if you highlight up after the wash dries you can do some really awesome stuff.


I finished up the unit Officer, and here’s an additional shot of them together!

Currently working on another of these heavy infantry, but he’s a single model on a massive armored stallion.