Astral Tiki Guardians Are Out!

I’m amazed there isn’t any sort of thread about this, but Astral Tikis have been released, with the usual special guaranteed guardian pack.

Took long enough, but glad they’re here. They’ve got a Blitz mechanic that I am too lazy to explain properly, wait for the tutorial video.

Only the Lion Guardian left, can’t wait.

News post here:

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Yeah Tiki’s nice. I like wapping someone with Sadie’s HK and then throwing nonstop like a filthy degenerate lol. The increased damage is also certainly welcome!

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Try Omen in the corner. I got around 24 throws until I had to use instinct to continue the combo.


Yeah, I can’t wait to mess around with it more, especially online.

I missed the tiki I didn’t see any kinda of update or promotion for it :confused:

I miss getting updates for this game it sucks they really don’t announce things anymore

If you want to stay in the know, a lot of the weekly updates are posted here: