Are we ever going to see the rain VFX on Thunder's stage fixed?

Now that Eagle is out and sharing Thunder’s stage I keep being reminded that the rain VFX are still missing, I want to see the cool rippling water running down the characters instead of dry people standing in a torrential downpour.


That takes money and time. That IG more than likely does not have (in money).

I mean its already an existing feature that needs a bug fix, not a request for new content.

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It was an existing feature since S1. It was (removed?) in S3 with the new lighting change. Personally, I miss it. It doesn’t make sense from a spectator standpoint that it’s pouring down, and the characters are as dry as an Arizona desert.


I miss it especially because it was one of the more visually impressive parts of KI, it just looked badass.


Then again, re-adding it could present another bug with the added data so it would be in a weird limbo.

Also then again, I was not present for Season One, so my point may be void.


I noticed the effect comes back whenever both opponents are on their second life bar.

Can someone give an example of it from S1? Again, I wasn’t here in S1, cos I bought my Xbox One right after Shadow Jago launched (cos Christmas 2015).

I was looking but its hard to find an example video, basically over the character’s entire body was a rippling shiny water effect. It was really cool.

Oh ok. Sounds like it was super rad back then.

Yeah, I wouldn’t expect to see it again unfortunately. S3 lighting change was mostly pretty cool, but it definitely wrecked Thunder’s stage :frowning:

EDIT: It’s relatively easy to find archived matches on Thunder’s stage with the old rain FX, but the trick is finding one with good enough quality to actually see the effect. Best bet would probably be to do a search on Max’s Twitch or something for old KI (pre-S3) streams.

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Doesn’t this illustrate how minor this is?

The characters on Thunders stage are wet, and they get wet as the rain starts in the stage. It’s just the occasional random drop running over their body that was removed. It was a cool effect but probably 80% of players didn’t even know it was there.


Occasional drop?

I’m not sure you remember the look of it if that’s what you think. At the end of the stage when the storm hits it was a full on water texture overlay that repeatedly tiled down the entire surface of the characters. It was amazing looking.

The effect had two levels:

  • the first one is still present (it’s a little subtle, all textures changes appearing wet) but appears only when both characters have red lifebars, if only one of them is still in his green lifebar, then the textures does not change at all even if raining (why? It’s beyond me) .
  • the second one was the coolest, it was an animated effect representing water flowing over the bodies, like here , with some characters/colors was more noticeable and, obviously, seeing it through a small 30 fps ripped 720p video is much different and less evident than seeing it through a 55" hd panel.
    The same effect is missing from Spinal and Hisako stage (it was less obvious here).

Thanks for finding that, I was struggling to find a decent example.

No problem.
Things like that has already been discussed time ago but the devs never answered.
Probably it’s nothing concerning them.
The next crimson guardian for SL or the next gold pack has all the priority now.

Some examples of “useless” topics discussing problems like this:

All with “useless” examples, videos, comparisons, etc.

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I bought the game day 1 and played 500+ hours in Season 1. I stared at the rain effects in Thunders stage for hours on end. I remember the effect and I liked it. It’s an occasional drop that mostly you didn’t see until the victory pose because you are too busy trying to play the game. But I, and many others, never noticed it was gone when they removed it. That’s how amazing and important it was. But this always happens - let’s carp on this like it is THE single greatest graphical effect of all time and the game just isn’t the same without it. It’s so amazing that you can’t even see it in video. Certainly I would argue about the definition of occasional because if the effect was more than occasional that must mean that people noticed it and cared about it.

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Alright, no need to be sassy.

I certainly noticed it and so did many others. Its not a game breaking thing that just neeeeeeeds to come back but it was a feature that was needlessly removed, so it’d be nice if it came back. Its not like we’re asking for some new pointless thing to be added, this is already in the game and was disabled. :\

Honestly if I were to bring back an older effect it would be the pre-purple shadow move effect…not to replace the purple mind you, but as a toggle…pick the one you like the most and use it.
Rain: meh.


I only bring it up now because I’m playing a lot more of Thunder’s stage now that Eagle has landed, it just looks stupid with the characters standing there bone dry when at one point in the game’s history we had a really cool water effect that was randomly removed without so much as an explanation as to why.

I will agree about the shadow VFX, it would be nice to have a toggle but at least they explained why that was changed, so it would be more in-line with other shadow effects in the game and the changes to the meter colors. Granted this rain business isn’t a huge priority but its something that a lot of us do miss.