KI has been downgraded graphically... again

Last season several stages were toned down graphically to allow for 900p. Spinal and Thunder most noticeably (Thunder never got the huge water pools back, only small thin layer of water on the ground).

Now, with season 3, we got another massive downgrade. Look at Jago’s stage. Look at the detail in the ground, fabrics/cloth and the corners. Lower poly, lesser shaders, flater, less detail.

History repeats itself - fixing what wasn’t broken. Again.



Same, i found graphics were better in Season 2… WTF ?

Hope somebody will post comparison screenshots. I wonder, did they downgrade to improve lighting?

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There have been many screenshots and comparisons, so we would probably need that again to compare. If this is true, I hope something can be done to restore said details.

the trailer said upgraded visuals wth?

But the lighting was remastered! :octopus:

This can’t be real… Again?
Still downloading here, soon i post my feedback about the graphics.

in situations like this, it would be nice if IG was a bit more transparent, show us the what had to be an ‘ugly version’ where all the many objects had terrible remastered lighting, and why they were taken out. It would be an appreciated, entertaining dev blog, increase fan support and loyalty, and damper all the negativity.

I’m making a huge assumption the new lighting didn’t play well with all the original, diverse objects.

In my opinion the game looks better overall, the new lighting is amazing, the only thing I dont like it is that the new contrast is a bit too high, I really wish Xbox one could handle this game at 1080/60, to improve those artifacts and AA.

Tough to reconcile this with:

Even if true, (which is suspect at this point) I wouldn’t describe this as “a massive downgrade.” and also, it’s flatter. Not flater.

Care to show any proof of this, anyone? @rukizzel, can you maybe explain this?

Yeah would like to see pictures too if possible?

Looks like the game is 720p, it hurts my eyes and i don’t see all over the stage very well like i used to be.

It seems like it’s harder to see the details and to see the movements when you have to break, i don’t know…

are you guys on PC or Xbox, if your on PC, I think you need to fine tune your setting, same thing with Xbox, we’ve watching streams for weeks now and in no way did anything remotely look bad, or worse, nor did anyone complain…

could be wrong, but I think you guys are looking at the result of your own individual equipment or settings

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Still downloading, but the fact that no one noticed it over the last three months of footage makes me think it’s not a big deal.


I agree with what SithLord said though I’m still installing. Maybe it’s 2 years of looking at it, now suddenly the lightning is all different.

I don’t see any downgrade, the game looks pretty good, stop blaming IG, why you don’t blame Microsoft for making such a weak console, I bet IG is doing as much as possible with the very limited hardware they have at their disposal.
The lighting is good, textures are good in general, the real problems are the jaggies due to low res 900p.

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Well, the game looks dated and ugly on PC as well, so it isn’t just the “900p”.

you might be right, the game can looks dated, I haven’t tried the PC version but saying the game is ugly is another thing.