Are we ever going to see the rain VFX on Thunder's stage fixed?

Why does he share Thunder’s stage? He was taken by Aria “could share with her”. Part of the Fulgore program “could share his stage”. Saved by Glacius “could be part of his stage”.

Would this even be an issue if it was another character that people thought was part of a different stage?

I guess I am one of the strange players that focuses more on what my character and the other character are doing over what the background is doing.

Im disappointed the rain effect on character models hasn’t yet returned also. I mean they did a great job re-lighting the stages, the majority look substantially better than before. However the characters on the stages don’t look as appealing as they did in S1 and S2. Now with the new lighting a lot of the character blend into the stage too much and are hidden with shadows.

The rain effect was one of the more appealing aspects to the visuals prior to S3. The trade off doesn’t seem to be the correct one Imo as Thunders stage had always looked good. Whereas Fulgores stage was in desperate need of a facelift for example.

Please IG/MS fix this.


Nah, I disagree Andy. I think both the old rain effect and shadows looked a lot better than what we currently have, and I notice both with some regularity.

Obviously it hasn’t been enough to make me stop playing or anything, but both effects (moreso the rain tbh) are missed. The purple shadows aren’t as stunning as the last ones, but they’re pretty functional. I actually avoid Thunder’s stage over the crappy rain effects.

It’s definitely not getting fixed (I think the actual quote I got from someone at Evo or KIWC was “we don’t know what the hell happened to the rain FX”), but I dunno, for me the change feels pretty unfortunate.


I never noticed it to be honest. I noticed that Omen changed colors during the end of the match which was really cool but thats about it for me.

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If you’re trying to get realistic wouldn’t the characters that have hair be slick & soppy as well lol

I loved the rain shown own characters’ skin on s1 but it had its own problems graphically

To add I think there was added snow crunch ground effects on tusk stage

And if I’m correct I think spinal stage has water footstep effects