Thank you Letter to Iron Galaxy Studios, DHG and Microsoft

Dear everyone who was apart of this majesty that is Killer Instinct (2013):

My humble thanks and infinite happiness to you all that I am finally able to relive one of my favorite childhood games at last after a 17-20 year plus hiatus. I also would like to thank those who showed positive and negative reactions towards this game. Thanks to the over abundance of criticism and joy, Iron Galaxy Studios and Double Helix Games, were able to do the impossible based on their past experience of game design. Making a successful fighting game that has attracted the masses at heart through tournaments, online mode and through new additions added to this game. With Microsoft’s support, most of the members of Rareware to bring this game back and with a healthy/hearty community that has given us nothing but love, support, patience and concern. In addition, Killer Instinct was also able to achieve what no other free to play fighting game could accomplish. 6 MILLION PLUS LOGINS! I was hoping for a BILLION because this game is so fantastic but that is amazing. With a steam release coming soon, a fantastic Windows 10 port and a F2P/ Definitive version of this game, I can honestly say that this masterpiece with faults, will be remembered as a game to play not just on PC or Windows 10, but most importantly on the XBOX ONE! Now, thanks to Phil Spencer and the higher ups, we can now play Killer Instinct on the Xbox One X in 4K via free update. Killer Instinct (2013) has received new characters, stages and a way to earn colors, cosmetics, extras and even a STORY MODE! My favorite mode is the survival mode. Did I even mention how this game has ONE OF THE BEST TRAINING AND TUTORIAL MODES EVER IN FIGHTING GAME HISTORY TO DATE? This game has even received praise from numerous game companies, won a music award, 60+ E3 awards, a fighting game award this year and has been nominated multiple times. With 200+ reasons or several reasons why people liked, loathed or stop playing Killer Instinct, fans still find a way to forgive those reasons and still go back and give it a go. Multiple patches, glitch fixes and even FANTASTIC ULTIMATES that are very creative for FREE! I love the arcade like graphics and beautiful effects. I even love how they travel around the world, to capture a new retrospective feel for the characters, story and stages of Killer Instinct. The music is definitely legendary with the works of Cedweller, fans and Mick Gordon! I can’t stop playing this game. It is the only reason why I bought an Xbox One and upgraded to Windows 10. Everyone, take a bow and I hope/pray for more characters (not stages) to be added to this game before/after the steam version is out. FIGHT ON EVERYONE and #PlayKI To the criticisms, THANK YOU! To the hate, THANK YOU! And to the lovers, THANK YOU!


I second this

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The sad thing about this guy who (DIVE) worshiped and defended the devs, yet still gets banned fo, fo, fo, fo, ffffooooooooooo, life.

Banned? did I miss something? Or maybe…
Ah, ok, I think I get it now :frowning_face:

Considering KI has been my bread & butter game for the past 3 years, I would have to agree with the OP. Thanks guys!

in all fairness he didn’t get banned for this post obviously. Maybe it was because of the all the spamming he was doing, maybe it was because this was a duplicate account of a banned user or maybe because he was advertising his youtube channel in another post.

I get that he’s your mate and you have an agenda here. You would rather gang up on the game and its devs instead of letting the rest of us enjoy the game and use the forums constructively. I’ll look forward to your new KI forum rant video… :joy:

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Yeah, confirmation bias is a b*tch.

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He’s a guy i met over the interweb. The reason why I go against the devs is because… well you already know why, and i have not seen the forum being used to give constructive criticism to the devs because if someone does, those who are in the forum would prosecute (DIVE and HEADLOCK) by those members who worship the devs for posting that type of topic. One topic that i read back in February was from TheLCD3 who made a topic like so, and there were forum members telling him not to post constructive criticism and to stop playing the game. I was amazed by this. But me, i’m in this alone and when i do i just call it like it is and how i see it. Pretty much “if the shoe fits, by all means wear it” dere, you understand?

And uh, yeah. I look forward to debate this in a peaceful manner with someone who defends this game regardless of how people claim that it has 6 million players and what not.

If you want to see a good example of what REAL constructive criticism looks like:

This thread has an excellent discussion about the merits of changing or not changing a particular feature of the game. Most of the game tech threads are the same.

However, simply repeating over and over that the game sucks, the devs are incompetent, and that anyone that challenges your claim is worshiping the devs is NOT constructive criticism. It’s just criticism. And bad criticism at that.

As far as LCD goes, if someone actually did say that exactly how you’re claiming (I’m assuming confirmation bias is skewing the facts here unless you can provide evidence to the contrary) that one person doesn’t speak for the entire forum, and I’m pretty sure most members here don’t hold any ill will towards LCD. However, LCD isn’t entirely innocent in the matter either, and the reason why he was highly criticized is because he typically brought a lot of toxicity into the forums, not always, but pretty frequently.

Bottom line is, if you want to discuss your issues and concerns with the game, discuss away. However this is a public forum (technically private, but you get the idea) and criticisms you have are not some holy relic no one is allowed to touch. They are free and open to be picked apart and debunked if needs be.

@WrathOfFulgore. You are right in a way or 2. But I will take some time to do a “REAL constructive criticism” video. No rant, no trolling, just straight “REAL constructive criticism”.

You guys never fail to feed him, yet always annoyed by him… 🤷

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YES. I’m loved and hated. A great combination and balance.

It’s just that you can’t make another account if your other account has already been banned. Like if I were to get banned, and make another to come back on the forums, that gets banned too.

Annoyances don’t bother me that much…I’m a parent with teenagers and a 4-year-old after all. Dealing with annoyance is like 3/4 of my daily routine. The other 1/4 is sleep…maybe.

But hey, if pointing out issues in someone’s approach helps them to understand how to get better responses and discussion from their posts, isn’t it worth pointing out?


Yup, true. @WrathOfFulgore. has a valid point. I’m the senior supervisor of BCBS of CA and giving feedback and orientating my team members on how to improve your customer service skills is quite challenging specially if your team members don’t apply to feedback that you provide them.


He thanked the ‘hate’

I love you guys, your the best!

This post had me in tears, then sure
enough a troll pointed out that it
was a duplicate banned account
troller trying to make a com-back.

Some times I come across a post
and there is a galactic geek post
inside, and its kinda creepy-

Anyway, I love what has been done to this
4 + year old masterpiece. Great Job-

PS: Riptora says hello.