3.9 Patch Notes


I don’t think the Aria one was needed. It’s not like she was dominating the competitive scene.


You know. I “go for” whatever they tell me they need done. :smile:

Basically I’m the community minion. :slight_smile:


Is there any news on the Shadow Lab bounty duplication bug? Or Shadow Lords being a bit um, crash-y? Aside from that I’m loving the balance changes, it’s good to see some Sadira buffs and even some Fulgore love! :exploding_head:


Ooooooohhhhh. That’s sounds like me at my job…


And about Shajo Ultimate like others Ultimate Command execution?


Can I just point out that during some of the character scenes in the video, the character being talked about was getting beat up the entire time?

Come on, guys.


Great balance changes. Minor, sensible buffs and nerfs for everyone who needed them.


Noticed there weren’t any Shadow Lords changes. I have been trying for weeks now, playing almost daily, to get a fractured ward of any tier. I’m guessing im over 75 packs in without a single one. Is this a bug, am I extremely unlucky, or was it intentionally removed?


They have slightly buffed and made interesting tweaks to two of my favorite characters.

The WTF tourney will be very interesting indeed.


Oh good heavens, those Sadira buffs…



I just wanna go ahead say “I called it” on the cinder nerf.

Shout out to All of you who roasted me when I predicted it and shunned me. You know who you are, and I see some of you here saying you expected it to happen. Nice option select. :wink:


I’m here, just read the notes. I really haven’t been playing much lately. Looks like if these changes were needed I must’ve been right about IG over-nerfing him. Still, I’m incredibly surprised they actually did something about it. I guess my biggest question is how useful his instinct will be now that he has more pip cancel options, because that was the change I hated the most.


I felt sorry for my best X1 game when I heard the last message in the video, hope you guys hiding some nice news for KI’s future. Now I can’t wait to have these comics between my hands :heart:


That argument is never a good reason. She needed it because a large part of the cast truly had no way to stop her from abusing j.mk.


gargos finally got some love, This made me so happy.
The most interesting thing is Fulgore and Kan Ra buffs.
Good changes overall.


I come to see that Cinder doesn’t get as much potential damage on block with Inferno anymore :frowning:

Real talk though, the Shin Hisako orb disappearing off screen actually made me sad. Now trolling the weaker players won’t be as much fun lol


Darn it, just realized they still didn’t fix the Shisako hands being able to randomly grab people out of shadow moves. Guess I’ll just have to live with scumbag buggy victories.


As a RAAM main, that change needed to happen. Otherwise, the match-up is 10-0 or 9-1. There is no way for RAAM to prevent it without absolutely perfect play, and never allowing Shin Hisako to get a life lead. If they do, all they have to do is press a button and back dash over and over until time runs out.

RAAM does a pretty good job at disabling Sadira. Just have to have good block skills and know what you can punish, and just watch them hang themselves.


That’s an understatement. He beats sadira’s ■■■.


I was trying to be nice about it. But yeah, RAAM is a beast against Sadira. Crossup? Nah man, cr.HP > QCF+MK.