3.9 Patch Notes


Super solid patch.

Thanks to the combat team, as always, their work balancing the game is great


They did not state how many weeks though XD


I want to hear what @STORM179 thinks of the patch!!!


Fulgore finally got a buff after getting nerfed the whole season.



  • Any bird attacks in progress will be cancelled immediately if you input a Counter Breaker or a Shadow Counter.

I imagine it wont affect it, but i am curious how that would work for the retrieval command since i don’t think it classifies as an ‘attack.’

  • Fixed a bug that could crash the game if Kim Wu reflected Scatter Shot.

:smiling_imp: I wanna hit someone with this SO bad now…




Shotos lol


From the top:

Sensible sadira buffs, as it is there is very little reason to use her damage ender and web damage is definitely too low.

Interesting spinal buffs, I’d like to see a before/after comparison for those hitboxes.

It makes some kind of sense that fulgore got those laser cancels back, laser on its own is worse for pressure now so it’s not as bad for him to get to press his offense more after them.

TJ buff isn’t something I would have thought to change, but it’s true that the move’s current breakable window is pretty massive. Makes sense.

The kan-ra buffs sound familiar…

Cinder changes are good given how much he benefits from the PD system change. Still gonna be very hard to avoid spending a lot of match time with a lot of PD on you.

The aria changes sound ideal, some of the stupider stuff to deal with will be less stupid but the core of what makes her interesting is all still there.

Shago damage buff is definitely deserved. Interestingly, a 20% buff will mean shago’s damage ender will be stronger than jago’s.

Funnily enough, even with the reduced damage rash’s wallsplat ender is still tied with spinal’s for the most damaging in the game. Its damage is pretty comparable to some exchange and launcher enders.

Mira’s changes seem fair to me, LK drill into bats is still going to be very hard to do anything about in neutral.

Glad to see gargos getting a little something back, I thought his changes were too much.

Hopefully that shinsako change is enough to keep the runaway strategy from being too strong.

And finally…loleagle. Good changes overall. The safe shadow counter change stands out to me, I guess they felt that was really too much since his defense is supposed to be bad.


Yes, this was awesome.

Considering the “not months” qualifier, I would say less than 8…cause more than that would add plurality to “month”.


maybe the devs could look into throwing before/after comparisons for hitboxes after a patch!!! IF it wouldnt cause a ton more work for them… good idea @DEClimax


I think it’ll help more than you might think. Part of why he struggled up close was the abysmal properties on his light moves; none of them chain and all of them were negative. In a situation where his opponent is at even frames or like marginally minus he didn’t have a good way to take control of the situation. Making his 5 framer 0 on block means he can at least gain some space without being at a disadvantage.


Pffft gettin’ good? That’s nonsense, where’s my GameShark?!


Im thinking i agree. The whole thing with Kan Ra this patch seems to have been to allow him to get back some of the creativity in his play that there seemingly used to be. And i kinda expect to have to go into games against Kan Ra’s that know their character in a ‘take notes’ mentality for awhile.


Ehhh, I dunno about that. It’s more like, he currently runs into a lot of situations where he just flat out doesn’t have a low-risk option to turn things to his favor where pretty much everyone else does. After this patch he’ll be less screwed in situations where he needs to get back to the spacing he wants to play at.


I main Fulgore and Shago. This is awesome news!


I’m very happy Shago and Sadira got the buffs I always thought they really needed, despite the fact that I hate playing against them.
On the fence about the Fulgore buffs, but this is looking like an awesome patch overall.


Wow, these are some solid buffs and changes.

Very interesting. I’m definitely excited for that Shago Damage Ender buff. Looks like it’s time to dust him off a bit. :slight_smile:


Sadira and Fulgore getting buffs, what a surprise!


Looking forward to testing out the Kan Ra buffs in the dojo. Any help is greatly appreciated.