3.9 Patch Notes


Sadira buffs??


I dont know…delivering patch notes for the greatest fighting game on planet earth…thats pretty Fn cool if you ask me! :wink:


Good changes overall.especially to aria and Mira


About time she does I miss the old Sadira.


Arguably the lowest output damage character of the game, I found she needed at least a buff on her damage ender which was a bit on the lighter end, in my opinion.


Good changes all around. Sadly, this means I’ll see a lot more Sadiras around lol, anyone know a good counter? :sweat_smile:


Looks pretty cool. I especially liked that a why was given to each batch of changes. It has often seemed like they have buffed or nerfed stuff randomly with no rhyme or reason for it, but this time the explanations seem to have made them easier to understand.

Also Steam version coming in weeks, not months :+1:


Have you considered gettin’ good?


We’ve been including developer’s notes on ‘why’ for a long, long time now.


She is snickerdoodle and she comes bearing buffs. Let all those who main Sadira, Spinal, Fulgore, Kan-Ra, and Gargos rejoice and those who main eagle and Aria despair.


Yeah, not sure where this would have gotten lost in the woodwork. It’s been that way for a long while.


Maybe they seemed more straight-forward this time, I dunno. :confused:
Either way the why was appreceiated.
…keep in mind I’m not one of the more technically-minded members, and sometimes this stuff goes in one ear and out the other.


gargos got buffed!!! im so happy lololo XD



-I suppose the Sadira buffs are good. Still hate her though lol

-Fulgore got buffed, you say? Where’s @Paramisery ?

-I dunno how much Kan-Ra’s changes will help, but anything is nice, I suppose.

-Cinder nerfs? Can’t say I’m surprised. Doesn’t seem too bad.

-Thank goodness for the Aria medium auto adjustments.

-Yay, Shago damage ender buff. I might actually use it routinely now.

-Fixed an issue preventing Arbiter from Shadow Countering projectiles while shielded. <-Wait wait wait, this was unintentional? I loved this little nuance to Arbiter’s shield and it helped in some matchups. Welp.

-Gargos got buffed too. Love how the devs are willing to believe they’ve made mistakes.

-And Eagle had those changes coming.

Good patch, guys.


without a doubt my favorite thing to read when patch notes come around👍 LOVE IT!!!




Oh yeah it was more of a joke. I just have problems with that MU is all. :sweat_smile:


I haven’t seen him on here in weeks. Did he finally give up on KI? That would be unfortunate given he got literally everything he asked for. Faster spin speed, more meter on the defensive, increased fireball damage, increased dp damage, and more pip cancel options.


No eyedol changes ? Noice