3.9 Patch Notes


I hear y’all like patch notes, yeah?

Check out the full list here and let us know what you think! :slight_smile:


had me fooled for a second there


You sure about that? :wink:


Fulgore getting buffs?

What sort of alternate reality is this??


you fool me once shame on you.


Your loss!


Fulgore buffs? He is still low tier Kappa


i have done nothing but gain from this patch. thank you for the gargos buffs you have no idea how happy this made me


Slightly off topic, but…who are you? As in are you a MS developer or IG? Im just not familiar with your GT and who it coincides with.
Thanks for the patch notes!


Shame there wasn’t any news related to Steam version but oh well.


Eagle got nerfed… :cry:


Sadira is better now


She’s a MS employee and part of the forum mod team.


Sadira get some love! :heart_eyes:


I’m snickerdoodle - my name’s right there and everything!

But nah. I work at MS on the community team for KI and other miscellaneous things. Sort of a professional gopher, if you will.


Fulgore buffs? Sadira buffs? Spinal buffs? Kan-ra buffs? Gargos buffs? What messed up upside down universe did we get transported to?


solid changes … hopefully we’ll have less whiing, more labbing, more playing!!!



I’m sad to see the jump cancel actives frames go, but as they were a glitch, it is what it is.


Oh cool! Thansk for responding…just wasnt sure if you were one of hte many I met at KIWC.

Glad this change was made to Eagle!
Any bird attacks in progress will be cancelled immediately if you input a Counter Breaker or a Shadow Counter. [This removes safe Counter Breaker attempts]


I wish!

I’m not cool enough to travel to stuff yet. Maybe one day. :slight_smile: