3.9 Patch Notes


Is there still hope for eagle? Lol


My timing sucks on this for cross ups unfortunately. Determining what side they’re going to land on either has me doing the correct version of Emergence or medium Kryll Rush after cr.HP . Sometimes Kryll Rush still hits but if they’re jumping then I’m wide open and I am a sad panda.


-sees Fulgore changes-

Overall good QoL changes that I can appreciate. Can’t say I’m happy to see lasers->fireball pip cancels come back (blade dash could accomplish the same frame trap, and forced Fulgore to actually put himself at negative frames instead of sitting there making you hold plus ones), but it is what it is. I dealt with Fulgore when he had all that nonsense and then some, so guess I’ll just deal with this. Meh. I do think the DP change was a good one though, and the meter increase should help those people who have a hard time ever establishing momentum.

The Sadira buffs are nice and well deserved IMO. The damage nerf to her webs was too extreme I think, and it’s nice that her instinct should be able to be a legit comeback factor again. For a while there I’d just taken to getting hit and sitting there letting her spend her instinct time on webbing me repeatedly because the damage for it was so low. Now there should be times when you legitimately do have to try and break some of that stuff because you’ll die otherwise.

The Aria and Mira changes are solid, and once again are inclusive of some of the conversations we’ve had around these parts (which will never stop being cool to me :slight_smile:). The only things I would’ve changed about the characters got changed, along with one or two things that I didn’t think needed to happen, but that I agree should make both of the characters more interesting and dynamic. The slower startup on Mira shadow bats is going to be big, forcing her to opt for less “free” mixup strings and open herself a bit more fully to shadow counters if she wants to continue applying pressure. Should be interesting to see how it shakes out.

Nice to see Gargos get some love, and nice to see Cinder have to work a bit harder for some of his PD now. And also nice that Shinsako/Raam shouldn’t be a 10-0 MU now. That’s probably good for the health of the game :joy:

As always, solid work from the combat team. You guys rock :+1:t5:


He saw the patch notes. We talked about it. Don’t worry lol


These buffs aren’t consequential imo.


the laser to fireball change is really consequential imo. Now instinct pressure will be insane if the enemy doesn’t SC


They definitely are. The extra damage to light DP means he has a real reversal that hits decently hard, the added damage to energy bolt means his stupid vortex will hurt more if you fail on blocking the teleport mixup, and he’s a more credible zoning threat now because you can’t just take his fireballs with a shrug. Most importantly, he’s back to being able to do low laser->fireball, which is a frame trap that also can leave him holding you in blockstun while he decides whether he wants to walk in and continue 50/50 pressure, or take the time to back away a bit to where he’d rather be. And to boot, his meter situation is improved in curb-stomp or heavy energy-systems use situations.

Fulgore isn’t suddenly a Top 2 character or anything, but the changes are certainly consequential. A competent Gore player will be able to make very good use of all these things.


ill say it again, i don’t think these changes are consequential. I’ve been wrong PLENTY of times, but ill stick to this statement regardless.


Overall, it is good to read characters getting buffs. Happy with these changes.


Ok…but why though? I know you well enough and you’re a good enough player that I’m not going to just let a “well that’s my opinion” dodge go without probing or challenging it.

You say the changes will be inconsequential. So explain your reasoning…I imagine it would be an interesting conversation.


Didn’t see it posted anywhere but Infil streaming patch discussion: here




As a Kan-Ra main I am shocked by those changes. Those can’t be right.

Wall splat ender being +23 so you can now FINALLY throw and curse EVERYONE in the corner is great.
But why would you do that? Clutch is a 21 frame move so now Ra can go for a hard knock down setup after every single corner combo without using meter, without using resets, without using heavy linkers and stagger manuals and without sacrificing ender damage.
If you get caught in the corner by my Kan-Ra, this is the place where you will die.

Also, the buffs to his light normals are great. Never thought they would do this because this makes his weakness less significant.

With his changes and all the top tier nerves lately I seriously believe that Ra scratches the top 10 mark now.


I mean, every other character with a command grab can use theirs on wall splat setups. Letting Kan-Ra do the same seems fair. And since he’s been a struggling character this season I think this added corner BS will be a great way of getting people scared of him again.

I’m actually very pleased with these patch notes. A lot of respectable changes to characters to bring them in line (either up or down). Only little complaint I have left is to make Wulf’s Eclipse hitbox bigger so it actually matches the animation and doesn’t end at his elbow (maybe in exchange for less damage) and I’d be totally content balance wise. Throw in KI2 Music in Training mode, Terror skins, more Ultimates and maybe a few more characters/stages and I think I’d be happy to play this game forever.


See, Kan-ra didn’t do anything wrong, right @KevBones10?


I mean, wall splat enders do consistently low damage, and command grabs are all scaled after, so… if he wants to do wall splat -> command grab for a hard knockdown, go for it imo. I don’t think the damage is significant. Sure, you’ll get a setup after it but that’s what wall splats are for. I’d probably rather be put in that mixup than the Rash wall splat mixup.

This just lets Kan do stuff other characters have always been doing, and I don’t think Kan’s set play is so unstoppably amazing that he shouldn’t have this basic aspect of the game available to him.


Yeah, wall splat->command grab isn’t particularly scary. If you want a HKD, just do a HKD - it does more damage and gets the same setup.

For Kan, if you want to sit someone down with junk over their head, may as well just use the setup ender. His options after clutch aren’t so scary that his threat level suddenly shoots up with the addition of that option. I’d be much more worried about the potential for new reset setups off of wall splat (perhaps using delayed clutches, the way Sako can use H.influence) than about guaranteed HKD’s off wall splat.


I was AFK, ouch. I usually don’t BS you on these things. I’LL TRY MY BEST

Fulgore as a character has been affected by not having the utilities of damage needed to compete with cast. With the recent changes to instinct, he also was struck for meter.

The pip cancel laser from light and medium version into energy bolt allows for fulgore players to mind game again. They get away with free pressure but they still sacrifice meter (a pip) and slow down their skin speed. I think it’s decent to have that pip cancel option so i can’t poke but i Don’t think its a buff worthy of

Because the resource to use it is on a Gamble. MAYBE you’ll press a button, MAYBE you won’t. Either way fulgore spends meter which gives him less kit.

The energy bolt buff is not consequential because fulgore has had similar damage with fireballs before his overall zoning damage was nerfed. Even if this does more up front damage with vortex mix ups, the character is still not a heavy hitter unless he goes for combo trait or shadow moves (which Are often scarce cause he used meter to loop the pressure unless he opens you up). The new instinct is good on this cause he can just spam fireballs but fireballs still don’t hurt as much as you may think. Especially if you block them.

The dp reversal damage is decent. It’s more in line with how a counter hit reversal should hurt but it still just tickles. Fulgore light dp is up from 4% on counter hit to 6%. A 2% difference. :joy: its good but not a major threat.

Now, here’s where I’ll derail from those other buffs and acknowledge this following one. Taking the time from the lowest reactor spin and lowering it by 2.5 seconds is BIG. So big that i don’t think ppl will like it in tandem With all these other buffs :joy::joy::joy::joy: tbh when you posted your last reply I’ll until that point i didn’t see that because that was the last bit before you move on to other characters.

Summation: the individual QoL buffs don’t make him a threat because they don’t change what he can do. He just hits slightly harder and can pressure you the same but without meter gain.

Fulgore is a long term character, it doesn’t matter how much these buffs allow him to pressure you more or damage you, if the player cannot make sure he saves meter for the right case, fulgore will find it hard to comeback.


The DP damage listed was the base damage, it will generally do double that due to the first hit bonus. It should do 40 damage which is 11.1%. It’s not as hard hitting as the proper heavyweight heavy DPs (Jago Shinko and Glacius all do 52) but still is pretty hefty.

The fireball buff also shouldn’t be considered inconsequential. Remember the figures quoted are based damage so it should do 20 on a raw hit, and on top of that the damage on triple fireballs and the chip should have increased by 50% too. Coupled with the cancelling laser change this is pretty nice.

This doesn’t make Fulgore a heavy hitter but it does make him hit heavier. He’s not pulling Thunder or Mira levels of damage but he doesn’t need to to be a serious threat.


Current Fulgore heavy DP is 36.1 damage (plus building 3 hits of spin speed plus 3 hits to blow through armor plus white life plus longer time to play the shadow air laser on block game), so light DP going from 30 to 40, to me, is them saying “ok, when we switched your invincible reversal to light, we took away all those things AND the damage… at least you can have the damage back plus 1% more.” It doesn’t seem unreasonable to me.

In general, I like reversals to hurt so I’m fine with this. The only ones that shouldn’t hurt are ones like Cinder, who can be much safer and lead to a combo with no resources, or Eyedol, whose DP needs to hurt less because of instinct mode stuff. If it’s just a straight up DP that is -30 on block with no tricks, then I think it should do 10-11% minimum.